Twicecapital- register on and double your investment was launched on 30/03/2017 by 7pm.
Food For Thought – Be Motivated
“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett

For Every of our Package, you get 100% Return on your investment. Donate ₦20,000 and receive ₦40,000 in less than two days.

Our Website has been programmed to automatically select peers and match them as we have zero tolerance for dubious manual peering System.

A Peer/User who refuses to make payment within three (3) hours of providing help will be blocked blocked and a Rematch is carried out immediately to the other user.

We are online 24/7 to respond to your issues. Instead of a Purge button, we have a button to automatically report and block members who upload Fake POP and Cyber beggars. This is because of criminals who misuse the purge button

We are Financial Saviours

We created a package that runs without referrals, as we have a sustainable system that has been ordered to ensure the System carves a niche and brings hope to Ponzi Lovers. Internet banking is a mandatory as the limited time for Providing and Getting help (4hrs and 3hrs) respectively. Social Media channels are active so you can share testimonies.

Invest 5,000
Get 10,000 in return

Invest 10,000
Get 20,000 in return

Invest 20,000
Get 40,000 in return

Invest 25,000
Get 50,000 in return


To empower people and give back to the masses. To create job opportunities and wealth for partners. To help partners get the full value of their time with us.
To reach out to over millions people in no time with our marketing scheme and help them attain financial freedom, thereby achieving their dreams.
Our system will not wait for 24 hours to pair you. Immediately there is availability of donation that suit you, you get paired.
Twice Capital Golden Team Set to Launch Website

After series of meeting and deliberation, the TC Golden team are set to launch their Peer to Peer Website on the 30th of March 2017, tha launch date was fixed by the group admin Mr. Jerry Odeh as he was happy to announce the good news to members.

Twice Capital Launched
After massive anticipation and publicity, Twice Capital has launched for investors to start doubling their funds and increasing their profits. Members have been sharing testimonies about the support team’s activeness and swift merging. We Hope to hear more.

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