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Important Info on Ponzi schemes from the Admin of MMMOffice.com.ng

Important Info on Ponzi schemes from the Admin of MMMOffice.com.ng


My name is Martin and I am the admin of this website mmmoffice.com.ng and I want to address some issues regarding Ponzi schemes.

When I started this blog, my intention was to provide people with all the information they need to be able to make money on MMM Nigeria. But after MMM Nigeria had issues, lots of other Ponzi schemes started to come out and they started getting massive popularity. That was when I decided to make this blog a place where you will find information on all Ponzi schemes in Nigeria.

My intention is to see many Nigerians leverage on this platform to make some “quick” money. However, recently while going through the comments on this blog, I noticed that a lot of persons are losing monies to the Ponzi schemes and I feel very bad at that and that is the reason why I am making this post.

I really want us to understand that participating in Ponzi schemes is not a sustainable way of making money. Ponzi schemes don’t last. The way a typical Ponzi scheme works is that it takes money from new members to pay old members. The moment new members stop coming in, the system crashes. Only this year we have had over 200 Ponzi schemes that have crashed.

The reason why almost everyone in Nigeria is running or creating a Ponzi scheme website today is because it is paying. I know someone who made over a million naira in less than one week from a Ponzi scheme he created. I don’t have a problem with owners of Ponzi schemes making money. However, I have issues with greedy Ponzi schemes admin who want to make all the money in this world at the expense of those that registered on their platform. Greed kills!

Against this backdrop and based on our experience with Ponzi schemes, we want to make the following recommendations.

  1. The best time to join a Ponzi scheme is between 1-3 days of launch. If you join any Ponzi scheme after the 4th day of launch you stand a very big chance of losing your money.
  2. Please only make use of your spare cash. These things are not 100% certain. Anything can happen.
  3. Always drop feedback on any Ponzi scheme you register with on the comment section of this website.

On our part, henceforth we will try as much as possible to verify all the Ponzi scheme adverts we get before publishing them on this platform. We know you guys trust us a lot and we wouldn’t want to lose your trust. We are also sorry for all those who lost money after registering with any we posted here.

Finally, I want to do a shout out to Lily, Ify, Rachel and all those doing some awesome job dropping feedback regarding any Ponzi scheme they join here.

Once more, my prayer is that ultimately, we make more money than we lose to these sites.