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MMM, Bet9ja top most visited websites in Nigeria

Sports betting site bet9ja.com and money doubling scheme MMMoffice.com top the list of most visited websites in Nigeria according to the ranking by Alexa.

Alexa is a California-based company that provides commercial web traffic data and analytics on millions of registered websites. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon.com.

Alexa ranking is usually based on the traffic which a website generates and as such I change from time to time.

MMM and Bet9ja rank among the top 10 most visited sites in Nigeria out of over 50 that were ranked by Alexa.

Based on the ranking, google .com and google.com.ng both search engines of Google incorporated are the first two most visited sites in Nigeria.

On the number three spot is Youtube.com, a website where people create channels to upload and share videos.

One of the most popular sports betting site, Bet9ja takes the number 4 position on the ranking.

Mr Ikenna Nwachukwu, an operator of the betting site said that many Nigerian sports lovers have now gone an extra mile to put their sports knowledge into betting.

He says however that nothing is sure with betting adding that even the best sports followers still lose as betting is just mere gambling.

Occupying the 5th position is Yahoo.com, a search engine owned by Yahoo, one of the most popular mail service providers in Nigeria.

Social network site, Facebook ranks as the 5th most visited site in Nigeria where Nigerians meet other people, share pictures, videos, chat and update status.

On number 7 position is news website Naij.com which publishes and aggregates news items.

Online marketing site Jumia.com occupies the number 8 position while the popular scheme MMM is ranked as the number 10 most visited. (NAN)

Bet9ja Nigeria Top Betting Site – Bet9ja.com

Bet9ja Nigeria Top Betting Site – Bet9ja.com

Bet9ja is a very popular top Nigeria betting site that had made names worldwide. The Bet9ja.com as the name implies was named after our Country Nigeria with a purpose to allow those that are Football fans to make money while doing what they love doing.  Bet9ja has made so many people millionaires while some people have lost betting.

The Betting Bet9ja does not only make name in Nigeria, other people from other countries patronise this betting site day by day; such countries include U.K- United Kingdom, Kenya, United state of America etc

This platform has really made some people millionaires in few days or weeks and those are the real game players that could afford the high risk. The statistic has shown that Bet9ja is in 337 among the top websites in the whole world and position 4 in Nigeria as a whole.

How to Win Game in Bet9ja Bet

To be a WIN player in Sports betting, you have to be ready to take the risk; not just that you should be ready to take any Game as they come. You don’t have to put stipend into betting of so many Teams and expect plenty of money after every game.

We are not saying we are Guru in this aspect but from the Analyst. If you would like to Win Game in Bet9ja Bet you must be ready to abide by the following guides;

  • Must be Conversant with most both Int’l and Local Teams
  • For Local Team, only bet on the top Winning Team and
  • Do not bet on many games with stipend and
  • Put Big Money on only 1 or 2 of the top winning Team
  • For Int’l Team, only bet on the top winning Team and
  • Do not bet on many games with stipend and
  • Put Big Money on only 1 or 2 of the top winning Team
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The above analysis has been working for so many game players and all are being testified of the techniques. So give this a shot and see how the result would be.


Only use the spare money, the money you can afford to loose to avoid high Blood Pressure, BP.

Features of Bet9ja.com Betting platform

The Nigeria Bet9ja.com has unique features that can suit your choice of Bet. the features are:

  1. Sports
  2. Live
  3. Racing
  4. Casino
  5. Virtual
  6. Super9ja – New

Which means you can bet straight on the above-mentioned features.

How to Create Bet9ja.com Account

To start betting on Bet9ja.com site by yourself, you must have an account with them. To Create an account, click here and fill all the necessary filed with accurate information, most especially, your Bank account Numbers.

You can also save yourself the stress of doing this yourself by visiting nearest Bet9ja.com Vendor (s) around your geographical region. The vendor will help you to bet on your choice of games. 

Then to Login to Bet9ja.com site after you have created an account, click here.

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