Register on PLEDGECYCLE and make 0.2 Bitcoins in Less a week

Pledgecycle is a community of like minded individuals coming together to simplify the world’s unjust financial system which only
favours the rich and the so called influentials. In pledgecycle, transactions are made directly to members account, and all transactions are done in bitcoins.

How it works:
WELCOME TO OUR COMMUNITY PLEDGECYCLE is a community of like minded people, coming together to help each other. “Pledge and it shall be pledged uno you in four folds”. You do not need to refer people before you will be pledged to. The system automatically
assigns 4 people to pledge to you.

Do you want to earn 0.2btc
No referrals needed
Join Pledgecycle community today where you pledge 0.05btc to the community, and 4 members of the community will pledge 0.05btc to you join now

How it works / A step by step guide

Pledge Cycle is community where people help each other by making pledges to one another. A member makes a pledge of 0.05 bitcoin, and the system will assign 4 persons to make the same
pledge to him.

NOTE : Pledgecycle do not run a central account, all transactions are made directly to the members Bitcoin account. The accounts will be
shown with their phone numbers, these phone numbers can be used to contact the owner of
the account to verify that it is valid. Every Member will be given 12 hours after an account has been generated for them to make
pledges, accounts will be barred in failure of this simple rule. This is to ensure a smooth and fast
running of this community.

To register on pledgecycle Click Here , Fill the form with correct details, most especially your bitcoin account (this cannot be changed after registration for security reasons). Click on register and proceed to your email to click on the activation link. After this, you are ready to


Making a Pledge
To be able to reap from the community, you will have to make a pledge to one member of the community.
To make a pledge, click on Pledge on the left sidebar of the dashboard, and then click on make pledge.
The system will pair you with the next member on the queue to receive a pledge and output the member’s account details. You then will call the number of the member to verify that his/her account is complete and valid, after that, proceed to your bitcoin account and transfer 0.05 bitcoin to his/her account.


Uploading Transaction ID
After making the transfer and verifying the transaction is successful, copy the transaction ID and proceed back to pledgecycle. On the website, click on pledge and then click on ‘upload confirmation’. Click on input transaction ID and then input the transaction id. Click on verify; if the transaction ID is valid, your pledge will automatically be verified and you will be added to the queue to be able to receive pledges.

Receiving Pledges
Immediately after confirmation of your pledge, the system will add you to the queue of people waiting to receive pledge and after a few hours/ days your account details will be automatically sent to members to pledge to you.

Write Testimony
After the receipt of each cycle of pledge, you will be needed to write a testimony. This is for us to show the world that pledgecycle is not a sham but it is real. Remember, we are here to help one another and to defeat the worlds unjust financial system.

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