Register on Deinvestors and make double of your money in less than 24 hours.


Deinvestors  platform is a peer-to-peer donation platform with members streaming from all over Nigeria.

When a member registers free of charge, the member will have 24 hours (1 day) to pledge in a package and make a donation as stipulated in the selected package to another member in the platform. Once you complete your donation and have been confirmed, You will be matched with other members to donate a sum which will be twice your original donation.

Inasmuch as members are not compelled to refer anyone in order to be paid, members are expected to introduce new members to the opportunities we provide so others can also benefit and the platform can grow, payment after pledging is guaranteed within 5 working Days.

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63 thoughts on “Register on Deinvestors and make double of your money in less than 24 hours.”

  1. I register on the 2nd with 20 thousand and suppose to get 40 thousand.But I was matched with one person who paid me 20 thousand and I confirm that person.up till dat I have not been matched with the second person.i have even made another pledge of 10 thousand on that same account on the 3rd but yet haven’t been matched too.

  2. I,ve not seen any reply to the complaint of Ginika okungbowa. Though, I don’t know her but l want to be rest assured that her problem is solved. Then I will register.

  3. i paid 20k on Saturday instead of receiving 40k i was mach wit on e person who paid me 20k n since den i have nt been mach again. what’s happening ?

  4. hello Deinvestors i reg. since Monday been 6th with 20k and had paid and up till date they have not marge me. pls. what could be the probs

  5. I registered since on d 6/2/17 uptil now I have not been match am not happy and I have made payment. Can somebody tell me what is happening?

  6. i register with 20k on Monday been 6th of this month and paid but i have not been matched to people that will pay me. what is happening this is not what i hear about this platform again ooo

  7. Deinvestors dis is not wat u promise us,i av registered and payed to someone since on 7th of feb d amt of 10k,bt uptill now av nt being merged to received.pls do something.

  8. In regards to Deinvestors…they are fraudulent ….please I would advice that no one should invest his or her money there…I invested 100k to get 200k since 5th February and until now I’ve not been matched with anyone yet..I’ve sent numerous mails and yet no response…lets all be careful on how we invest in these new platforms…most of them came with bad intentions…Thanks and God bless you all

  9. I provided help of 10k and i was matched with 2 people to pay me 10k each but only one person pay and the second person did not pay, i was ask to get the user name of the person i oaid to but this is not possible because the transaction on my po has wiped off. the person name OGECHUKWU CELESTINA MUONEKE. Please kindly help because till now i have not gotten my balance.

  10. this another mmm on board. guys be wise and grow up. My question is that why are there matching two people to pay a particular person. i have not join shar, but i believe is still a scam. my money is still hanging in MMM till now.

  11. I pledged 20000 and paid to Michael abayomi he said he has confirm me but the confirmation page did nt open for me to know I was confirm and deinvestors match me again to pay another person try and rectify it so DAT more people can be doing it d username:bridgy2017

  12. Bigbankalert match 3 people to pay me at night 10,000 each before day break their time expire until nw I have nt be paid since on d 6th Feb only one paid me pls bigbankalert look into it and rematch me

    1. Enter Message Here I register with 10000 and they marsh me to pay one mr perekeme which l did but up till now the man have not confirm me .they also March me to pay another person which l

      have register with 10k to pay above what HV register .is true that we can not trace u guys but the Almighty God will locate u.

  13. Deinvestors pls look into all this issues and settle them, u started well, don’t spoil ur good name. Even me I was matched twice on same account, I payed and have not received my complete money, only one person was matched to pay me, another I registered did not receive her fill payment,rematch pld

  14. I registered on 9th Feb with 20k and my hubby registered with 40 and even my friends heard about the platform, 3 of them registered with 40k but up till now no testimony. what is happening you people should let know

  15. Deinvestors wat is happening,i register since on d 6th and after 3days 2people were merged to pay me.but dey refuse,i av been complaining since and no respond…am tired oooo

  16. I pleged to ugochi onyeananam since on the 10th of feb, since then i ve not been matched, pls what is going on cos am confused here

  17. why is it that deinvestors dont read nor reply their messages, why is it that deinvestors dont rematch people? this is unfair. deinvestors please we beg you in the name of God to start rematching people, a lot of people borrowed money to do deinvestors. PLEASE REMATCH PEOPLE THAT HAVE NOT GOTTEN THEIR MONEY FOR GOD SAKE.

  18. Pls l was matched and made payment and was confirmed since on the 9,the of Feb . Yet l have not been matched, l tot deinvestors payment is suppose to be within 24 hrs.

  19. I PH 60k since on the 10th of Feb, up till this moment have not been matched for payment. my friend that was matched last week, the people refuse to pay her and no rematch. Why didn’t the deinvestors understudy other ponzi schemes like TWINKAS OR LOOPERSCLUB before they launched their half baked scheme.

  20. Hello Deinvestors you people are not responding,no match is made and my i have paid who i was matched with.LET US GET UPDATE ypt silence is not making sense,those i introduced and have provided help are mocking already.

  21. I paid 60k to Andy Umoren on 14 Feb.uptill now nothing pls I paid that money in pains from my hospital bed pls help m oooo I have no money again oooo pls

  22. I paid #10,000 to one Mrs Abeyaimi uptill now have not been merged. Please Deinvestors. Com. Help me out am broke,some are benefiting why some are not

  23. I paid #20,000 to Martin Ajiya John on the 9th of Feb and up till now I haven’t been paid. I have sent you series of emails and messages but you haven’t responded to any. Can someone please tell tell what is going on with deinvestors?

  24. I paid 20k to Mr ikechukwu ukoh on 11th Feb. Till now no payment. All are 419, even loopers since 2weeks have not paid me. Nigerians let’s open our eyes.

  25. Thehelpersclub is the best and it will always really paying if you have not ad about given out 300% of ur investment in just 24hour.wt did u think?Level1.10,000 for 30, u keep upgradein after receiveing u full payment..dis not a joke is real nd trustworthy..This the the No1 rated active link,with dis u can get ur payment in less than 10hours.register now.. .THANK ME LATER

    1. Please my brother in the name of JESUS CHRIST run
      run run as fast as your legs can carry you.DEINVESTORS is a big 419. No say I no tell you.

  26. Deinvestors team, this is very very unfair. I made payment of 60k since 13th of February and up till now, I have not recieved my money back. Your promises of 24hrs is taking months. And all the mails written in this regard has not been responded to. Pls try to retify this issues so that u can regain the confidence people have on you. Thank you

  27. Pls, what is going on here for over 2 weeks now I have paid to my pair and till date I have not be pair pls, what is going on? This is not what we where told, please do the needful my #20k at stake, thanks

  28. Pls forget deinvestors.they are fraud.i ve forgotten my money,for the past 3wks ,no match,no reply for previous unpaid pledge.d system send programmed msg after complaining to them.its of no use.they are useless.

  29. I paid 100k since on the 13th of February still no match. I pledged another 10k and immediately someone was matched to me. I refused to pay bcos my 100k is still hanging. Deinvestors are quick to collect money buy slow to match and pay

  30. Fellow Nigerians, please don’t believe DEINVESTORS of 24hours payment on your investment. It’s a big trap to catch you.
    Don’t fall victim of their empty and bogus promises. RUN RUN RUN. Other dubious ponzi schemes includes: BUZZPAY, TETRISMART, TRIPPLEIT, and CLARITTA. Don’t patronize them.

  31. If you are still putting your money in any of these ponzi schemes listed here you are just digging ur emotional trauma grave pls brothers and sisters desist from these schemes as they are meant to steal from you.i have tried several of them but all are the samething except for mmm.

  32. I pledge 60k since on the 15th of February and have not been matched till today I have sent series of emails but no changes. Only if I can get my money back without the by matching me with just 1 person to pay me. I feel so dissapointed

  33. I pledge 10k since 9 of Feb and have not been matched till date,,,, have send lot of messages….. Replying 24hour like 20 time,,,, pls even if you match me a single person with me am okay by it,,, I use my project money,,,,,,,,ROKANMI178

  34. Deinvestors is fraudulent.My wife has lost 60k to them.She pledged on the 5th and 9th of Feb.2017.We have sent over 8 emails complaining about the matching of another persons to pay her and no response has been received till date.Nothing is happening on the site.No updates,nothing.This is another criminal gang like MMM. Guys beware.!

    1. God favoured me using deinvestors. Though I recycled all my accounts. We are d ones killing ponzi schemes with our mouth.

  35. Deinvestors are criminals, Pls stop putting your money, I have lost 40k since I paid the money, I have not been able to log in to my dashboard, it’s a month now. Ahhhhhh! U shall suffer this..just wait and see what will happen

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