PLEASE READ: Ponzi Guide, Follow This Rules And You Are A Millionaire

The MMM Nigeria Office Team came across this post in a blog post at and decided to share here. It will come as a  guide you as you invest in Ponzi schemes. 

I would rather be a devil or an angel to you after you have taken your time to go through this thread.

For the past 9months i have invested heavily on GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES (Ponzi schemes), from my calculations, i have invested more than 1.2million naira from (24th April 2016 till date) MMM to GHWorldwide, to Greenspeer, O-give, Helperforum, Divinetfunds, Clarittas, Cashblaze, Paydoublers, Doublecash, Paydonor, Exearn, Tetrimart, Nairaxpress, and Thriftonweb… and I would proudly say i have made over 2.8million naira as profit on this schemes including my capital till date.

The point is we Nigerians are so greedy and most of us want to take extreme advantage over things that have no GUARANTEE… Do you know that ponzi schemes are NOT 100% GUARANTEED i repeat NOT 100% GUARANTEED not even abroad where all this schemes started from, so tell me how do you expect some sort of a website built here in Nigeria with Nigerian partial mentality to give you 100% sustainability… Not Possible.

So, i have series of advice for you yes i mean you investing or about to invest on ponzi schemes, and its either you follow my advice or back up from ponzi schemes and face your studies or go for trade…

1, Have it in mind that these are ponzi schemes and have no GUARANTEE, so please and please only invest what you know you can loose, i repeat INVEST ONLY WHAT YOU CAN LOOSE. Do not borrow money to invest on ponzi schemes… please DO NOT BORROW MONEY TO INVEST ON PONZI SCHEMES.

2, Greediness kills, invest only on one account, DO NOT OPEN 1,2,3,4,5 accounts all in the name of i want to gain alot from this because its paying fast, because if you do, you end up making someone loose his money, all because of your GREEDINESS.

3, Do not invest on any 4:1 5:1 or 6:1 ponzi schemes it crash faster… because, for every 10persons that registered on the site, know that one person just got paid, so if 10persons could register on a 5:1 matrix ponzi site and 2persons just got paid, that means it takes 1000persons to register before 200person could get paid. so for 2000person to get paid you know what that means, it means 10,000persons have to register. wow!!! and you are number 3450persons on the site, brother you will never get paid only if you keep promoting the site, and people keep registering.

4, Only invest on 2:1 or at most 3:1 matrix Ponzi schemes… they pay faster especially 2:1 matrix because it only needs 2persons to register on this site before you get paid, and 1000persons to register before 500persons could get paid.

5, PROMOTION helps all this ponzi sites last longer, after registering, try your possible best to promote this sites, because without promotion, this site would die fast. and alot of people would never get paid.

6, Do not INVEST on site that do not have SUPPORT or where the support is not working… Because with dead support problems would never be rectified. So try your possible best to make sure the support is working and they reply messages and rectify them too.

DO NOT INVEST on a site with no SSL SECURITY take note any site you want to invest on should be https:// with that you are safe… because site without SSL Security crash easily and are always having bandwidth problems. Its either they are on ERROR 504 OR ERROR 508… and so on.

are very IMPORTANT, please note this, before putting your hard earn money on any of this site make sure you get proofs from people that have invested on it, DO NOT INVEST on spam site that people just tell you that they pays fast… please run… if it pays faster today, i assure you that tomorrow it will pay slow 100% GUARANTEED from experience.

ANXIETY CONTROL matters alot, do not let your anxiety makes you rush to invest on site that you do not know anything about, try to read more about the site before investing your hard earn money, because the moment you put your money in there, you have taken a huge risk and its either you get paid or you loose.

10, Every website go on MAINTENANCE, web developers would understand this better… because if website don’t go on maintenance they get to loose their members files easily. Even big website go on maintenance but they only go at midnight when everyone is asleep. so please whenever any site goes on maintenance know that its for our own good, DO NOT PANIC… Because the more you PANIC you get to scare away NEW MEMBERS.

11,These goes to the BEGGARS i call them DREAM KILLERS… Some people are so fond of registering on ponzi schemes with the intention of uploading fake POP, or begging the receiving end to approve them that they do not have money, that when they get paid they would pay back, PLEASE AND PLEASE STOP THIS ACT… With this attitude of yours you will kill the system faster.

PS: This is PONZI SCHEME EVERYTHING is possible… its either you get rich quicker or keep killing other member’s dreams of getting rich, a word is enough for the wise. Ishieymoney has spoken.

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