Paydoublers : Double Your Cash Within 48 Hours


Paydoublers is a new financial platform which gives participants room to make double of their cash invested.


Once you register with Paydoublers using the link  you’ll be merged to someone who you would pay within 48 hours. The payment amount you make depends on the plan in which you chose during registration. After payment, you are to send a confirmation request to the person you paid to and await his/her confirmation. When you are confirmed, you’ll automatically be given two slots of the payment you made and two persons will be merged to pay you that same amount in less than a week! Here’s the list of paydoublers plans and amount of investment one can make with them.

Plan                                   Amount

Copper Account-              ₦5,000

Bronze Account                ₦10,000

Silver Account   –               ₦20,000

Gold Account-                    ₦50,000

Diamond Account              ₦100,000

On registering paydoublers make sure you input all the necessary details correctly and the referrers link so that there will be no difficulty in undergoing the processes involve in this platform.

 Paydoublers has a zero risk level investment, When you invest in paydoublers your money is safe and the platform is design in a way that hackers cannot access  the e-panel of the platform thereby giving a good signal of longer time of operation.

When you register with paydoublers and invite people to join the platform you will be rewarded with extra #10000 depending on the number of people you invite into the platform, if you invite two people you stand a chance of getting #10000 but if you invite more than two, you stand a chance of getting more money.

Register with paydoublers today and make excellent amount of cash today.



65 thoughts on “Paydoublers : Double Your Cash Within 48 Hours”

  1. The site is not opening, ve payed, and 2 were matched to pay me only one payed thereafter the site can’t be linked. What do I do?

  2. The site has not been opening fo four days now…. After i was merged to pay someone as a fisrt timer, i also registered my sister and a friend… If they cannot sought out the issue at hand… I bet you people will back out from the system..

  3. I can’t open this site anymore since my payment is confirmed and yet to be merged with two people. What’s really happenin? Pls open up to us!

  4. i provided help and am not able to check my portal is this site going down like mmm please make i know how to absolve my shock.

  5. The site is not opening what can we do pls or any link to Paydoubler admin.
    I provided help and am not able to check my portal is this site .

  6. The site is useless thank God I collected my money already before it crash like mmm…nonsense site nobody should register again…if u don’t want to loose ur money

  7. I have paid to someone and he confirmed me yet it’s not showing that I have been confirmed yet I don’t even have access to the site

  8. I could not log on to the site for more than one week now atfer making my pyment, Please what is the problem? my money is already at stalk

  9. Is it that paydoublers have crashed? Since the day I managed to register have not been able to log in, they aren’t even giving info. Pls have paid for more that p week pla

  10. This is my first time , and I have been disappointed , even if deir is an upgrade , de least paydoublers could do is to keep us posted, I have really committed myself, tomorrow will make me one week I provided a help of 100k… And I have so much campaign for paydoublers .. I still blive dey will come back before the end of today.

    1. They are working on the site, trying to add some other features. They have a WhatsApp page. Pls, let’s exercise patience and never give up. The only weapon to discontinue the forum is by entertaining fears. I have not earned anything too but I am calm and expectant. Thanks

      1. Pls wat is de Wassap no, I really need to be aquanted so dat I can calm de other persons I introduced down, cos dey are on my neck, I don’t no wat to tell them… Pls jayven

      2. Bros are you sure? I so much believed in paydoubler and my friends have their moneies tied up. No experience is a waste sha.

  11. I believe dz paydoublers is a scam, av paid nau nd it’s more than 7 days nau. nd d worst of it all is that d site just disappear… is better u people should stp deceiving others…

  12. Pls drop the whatsap group site, Twinkas did upgrade but informed people, paydoublers aren’t doing well at all. Am so discouraged cux so many persons are waiting for me to register them

    1. Ehya! Tell them to hold on a little. We shouldn’t be in a hurry. As for the group page, I didn’t join because it’s too noisy. All I can do is to keep up updated as event unfolds. Let’s be patient. Patience is the needed virtue right now. Thanks

      1. Any hope? Any sign of coming back? I really believe in paydoublers , its either pay doublers or no other one… I really wish dey will come back before next week runs out… So many persons are waiting to flock inn… Pls keep me posted …

  13. Most of de people I introduced into paydoublers are participants of twinkas, and dey have testified dat” twinkas always inform deir participants anytime deir is an upgrade , dat shows a sign of sincerity and patriotism ,sincerely wat paydoublers just did , looks like scarm , cos wen u want to log inn, wat u will c is ” Access Forbidden ” for days now, as for me, I have considered paydoublers a as scarm and gotten my mind off dem, unless dey prove otherwise by tomorrow! Afterall de sight said that paydoublers has no right to access de sight.. I tot paydoublers has come to relieve people from MMM shock, I don’t no dey came to do worst …

  14. I have considered dem as a scarm, cos de only tin I c wen I tried to log inn is ” ACCESS FORBIDEN ” meaning dey don’t even have right over de sight , am so dissapointed with paydoublers … Gotten my mind off it, cos u have no reason to shut down in de name of upgrade without informing ur participants , dis is my first time, and I have registered everybody in my office bcos dey dey blive wat I told dem about paydoublers and now dey have betrayed my trust …I will be watching , if noting happened by tomoro ending , I will conclude dat” paydoublers have come to scarm people … De participants of twinkas confined dat” twinkas just went on 2days maintenance and dey informed deir participants and dey kept to deir words… Its painful cos my reasonable amount is stalk here …

  15. If they are experiencing any difficulties or trying to upgrade their site, what they must’ve done is to make it known to everyone than keeping calm since one week. pls I advice you(paydoublers) to tell us what’s the problems all about and it’ll reduce the tensions on people. Thanks.

  16. I phed on Tuesday last week, got confirmed on Sunday after much ado, now the site has crashed. We shld jus be weary of these schemes.

  17. provided help and nothing is happening the site is access denied is this another mmm in disguise na wao i been warn myself but just that i wanted to test the site it was weak from the start and May God help us na this one dey cause heart attack if they need to upgrade it is better you send emails to people or let the site be visable not this access denied shit pple will loose confidence in it just like what happened to mmmm please everyone migrate to still counting my payments daily just 1 week and get 20% not greedy but sure 101%

  18. I am Diamond PH and I have PH N100k and the recipient confirmed.Please,match my order as soon as you restore the site. Great job paydoublers!

  19. Great job, paydoublers! Please hasten your site upgrade and restoration and match my order of Diamond N100k GH. Thank you.

  20. I provide help but unable to click payment notification before the site go down, what’s going to be my fate
    Admin do the needful pls

    1. Wen was dat? Have dey gone on dis kind of brake before , let me no pls… Cos am new in de system and I have really committed myself, I really want to be sure pls

  21. I got a test of list of dis money firms dat are not trust worthy and paydoublers name was mentioned , and am beginning to believe them cos, we are in a digital age, like twinkas dose, if deir Is any maintenance , dey will notify people , but paydoublers has made me to blive the text I got, Twinkas has just paid me now, and I pledged in paydoublers before twinkas, I have decided to get my mind off paydoublers , I no my 100k is deir, but paydoublers is a total scarm… I stand to be corrected , but seriously ” all I see in paydoublers is ” SCARM” Dis is just my first time and all I got was fraud…

  22. * Rustrating system upgrading lasting for days
    * Site Accessment
    * The length time to pay merging
    * Even full system crash
    * Running for 3years without any hitches …. These were de promises of paydoublers and in all, paydoublers did not keep to any one, I respect Twinkas cos dey have deir customer care mobile numbers on deir dash board , imagine how worried people are , no number to call, no notice , no message, noting to show , dis is a scarm final…

  23. I do argued with my colleagues that paydoublers will never crashed but was disappointed with them. This is more than a Week now hoping that they may resolve the problem and back to action but unfortunate still access forbidden and the worse part of it no respond from any of the admin despite the fact that people invested the little they have,some even borrow. I made my payment and confirmed but can’t be pair.nawooooooo

  24. Honestly i m displaced with ur organisation on ds platform for d pass one since i paid someone, u guys av refuse to pair me with d person is suppose to pay me i do’t understand wat u guys r doing or u guys Into Scamming pple?……just do d needfull n pair with person wld pay me…..
    However, u guys need find solution ur website dat fluntuating…….i mean ur website is very difficult to access… something n make it users friendly.

  25. i blive you are one of those ppl bhind the th scam paydoublers,this bcos of all the reply you have post.well like you said that we are in the digital age so you decided to cheat ppl their hard earn money.But remember this adage ‘one day is for nine for the thief and a day for the owner.My money which i used and my friends money i introduce is at stake.

    1. u get sense sha?? because i do not want to think you are referring to me because i have my own stake in there as well life is all about chances and i did provide help but what can i do you should be one of them i guess you feel i like to surf the web for idiot comments not jobless bro go find work

  26. Just hope they will come back, the very day I paid to my match was the day the site went went off. And I have a lot of people I had spoken to that are ready invest.

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