N-Power Pre-selection Stage Date Announced – See Details Here

The N-Power Assessment Test Phase for 2017 Application season closed last night at 23.59pm. Congratulations to all those who were able to write their tests.

Now the next stage after the N-Power Assessment Test Phase is the Pre-selection Stage. This is the stage where beneficiaries will be pre-selected for physical verification.

The N-Power Pre-selection Stage will likely commence at the END of September, 2017. When this stage commences, the list of pre-selected applicants will also be released to the public.

Those (Applicants) who missed or were not able to take the assessment test phase for 2017 application season was because of invalid details and unmatched BVN.

During the time of application, volunteers were advised to provide correct details. But we found out that most applicants provided wrong details which led to the end of their application.

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