MMM Latest Update: See Rise In PH Barely 24hrs After MMM New Rules

During the recent upgrade by MMM on the platform, many members and outsiders felt that there will be little or no PH after the upgrade. But as always MMM is here again to prove many wrong as it records rise in PH orders almost immediately after the upgrade.
Below are screenshots of latest PH orders created by some members of the MMM platform shortly after the news on MMM website about the completion of the upgrade.



The PH can only increase now as more and more members will hit the PH button to GH 100% and get a 20% defrost of old Mavros. What are you still waiting for? Go and PH something now, anything to enjoy MMM like never before.

More info will be coming soon as MMM begins the Merging of these orders, you can subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest info as it drops.

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