How to make N50,000 on Paycycler without referring anybody. (

Just like Ultimate cycler, PayCycler ( is a peer to peer  fund raiser where you donate 12,500 and get paired automatically with four persons that will pay your N12,500 each. 

How To Login And Register

It’s SIMPLE! Just visit the site and CLICK Register, and wait for 24 hours. In just 24 hours, You will be merged to pay ONE person (cycler) ₦12,500. And once you pay, the system automatically merges you with FOUR persons (cyclers) who will pay you ₦12,500 each direct to your registered bank account.

YES! It is that simple! Pay ONE ₦12,500, and FOUR will pay you ₦50,000. Pay Cycler works on a First-Come-First-Served basis, so the earlier you register the better for you.

To register now, click the signup button at the top right (if you are using a PC). After Registration, login by clicking the Login button beside the Signup button at the top right.

If you are using a mobile phone, ensure you are using Chrome or any other Javascript-enabled browser. For mobile users, click the Menu box at the to right of the screen, then click Signup. Then login also by clicking the login button at the top right.

167 thoughts on “How to make N50,000 on Paycycler without referring anybody. (”

  1. good morning.i just registered for pay cycler now and I was told to wait for 24 hrs.pls how genuine is this site cos I heard it’s a scam.
    tomorrow is Saturday,not a working day,hope I wnt be blocked

        1. What do you want to say about me that have paid since last year and it has stayed till 3weeks but I still didn’t get my 4 liners those that needs to pay me. And I have paid since last to the person I was merged to

  2. are this paycycler pay people,have they not freeze like mmm, becos a lady call that she has paid since wenesday but they not merge her can somebody call this no and tell me the true 08168424241

        1. I have register an pay on Paycycler for five days now I have nt been merge pls what is going on hope Paycycler is nt a scam .08138717795 my numba

    1. nobody will call ur number because there is no refferal gain. if u like u register if u don’t like don’t register but it pays

      1. What do you want to say about me that have paid since last year and it has stayed till 3weeks but I still didn’t get my 4 liners those that needs to pay me. And I have paid since last to the person I was merged to

  3. Good day..its getting to 72hrs since I was confirmed and I have not been merged..I help 12persons manage their account and they have been asked to pay out but I can’t do that since they have refused to merge me.. Pls rectify this issue..its no more first come…

  4. I registered since on Wednesday…. I was matched to pay someone after which I did and I was confirmed on Saturday.. I was told it takes 48hours to get paired to be paid…. It is already 72hours no show yet…. My friend with has gotten her #50000….please reply….. Thanks

  5. Tuesday, 20/12/2016 07:15 PM
    PayCycler is for adults ONLY! Your ₦12,500 is a NON-REFUNDABLE donation to a cycler on the system. Please, once you have donated, be patient, the system is automated and you will be paired!!! Right now, the database server is overloaded, but we are working on fixing it!!! Rather than COMPLAINING on the group, we plead that you interact POSITIVELY with yourselves and entertain each other. Long Live PayCycler!
    Tech Team.

    1. Am sure this is created to help the needy but it seems the reverse is becoming the case…. I registered last week friday i was peered, i payed and i was confirmed on sunday since then til now i have not been peered with people who are suppose to pay me, the program said it just 72hours, had i know it going to exceed that 72hours with just 24hours i wouldn’t have paid because d money used was to be use for somthing else. Am so scared now… Pls do help me if you can.. Thanks

    2. Re u serious?what kind of networking is this when u don’t knw what to do after paying your 12500,how will the system knw that some paid or not u guys should enlighten someone on what to do after payment tanks

  6. Good morning I register since on the 20th of December and uptill now I haven’t been paired with anybody. The system is say I should wait that I will soon be pair but this is going to three days now. I want to know what is the problem?

  7. Don’t make use of opera mini to open it either make use of chrome or d phone browser. Paycycler is not a scam my dad was merge today

  8. hello good morning,i made payment since last week friday and was confirmed but up till now i havent been paid pls i need your help

  9. i paid on monday and was confirmed same day. now its friday and i have still not been confirmed. how long do i wait again between monday of my payment confirmation and today friday which is 5days now….i dont understand whats happening!

  10. hi someone who was merged to pay me said she has been merged on Monday and she did the payment,now they merged her again.that shes no longer interested. what will I do now. will the system assign some other person to pay me. reply ASAP. thanks

  11. Pls u people said it takes 4-5 days before they could pair me to those that will pay me. It is 6 days now and they have not pair me to 4 people that will pay me my 12,500 each pls I need money

  12. Please I have not being merge till now after what I saw on my dashboard was that I will be merge by 7.45am . please what is my stand for today.

  13. I have registered and payment to the person that was paired to receive from me since 7days ago and I haven’t still be merged with person to pay me…. what is the problem please

  14. Please, for some of us whom have been merged and it seems 1 or 2 persons are not willing to do the payments, what should we do or better still, what is the team (paycycler) going to do about it?

  15. Dear fellow honest Nigerians I want to use this platform to inform my fellow patriotic Nigerians that the so call PAYCYCLER is a SCAM. The owner is a Nigerian guy hiding his identity. The merging of participants after payment is not circulating the way it’s stated on their site. They are busy merging themselves that’s why the system find it so difficult to merge those that have paid.#FACT Today will make it 14th day, still waiting for paycycler to merge me with someone to pay me back. I have 4 account yet to be merge

  16. I v made payment n bin confirmed since last Saturday it’s goin more Dan a week nw stil haven’t bin merge to receive payment… Pls Wats goin on n wat am I supposed to do??

  17. i registered pay cycler on the 16-12-2016 and was merged to pay and today is 26-12-2016.I paid but till date,i am still waiting to be paired.They said there will be a massive merging of cycler,then,why is it that am not paired?

  18. I was paired to make payment to some one since Saturday which I did without hesitating,But uptill now the person has refused to confirm me and has also refused to pick my calls what do I do?I need help urgently.Dis my number 08064475798 you cn also what’s app me on same number.

  19. Godgift hi, pay cycler what is going on i was told that when I register new i will be matched in the next 24 hours and I am match with somebody to make payment to. which i did and I was confirmed, that in the next 24 hours i will be matched with four person ‘s that will make payments to me, but it is more than 448hours nothing as been done what is the problem.

  20. I paid since last week tuesday its been 8days i have still not been paired to four people same thing with my sister please help!!

  21. The merging is taking time and people have refused paying…you guys have not deleted any account that have refused paying..what is the problem..kindly update us on what is happening pls..the people that was merged to pay me had refused paying because they have not been merged…pls try to resolve this issue

  22. Pls I paid in to someone since 23rd nd I was confirmed bt Uptil now I haven’t been paired with four people, same thing applies to my sister, she paid on 22nd nd she has not been paired til now. It’s more than a week now, pls do something. Usernames are, Pureheart 1 and JULIET23

  23. Hello, I have been confirm since 18th December, 2016 but until today I have not been matched with the for persons to pay me and yet you keep saying wait for 4-5 days. Am tired of convincing the people I introduced. Worst part, no comments from you people.

  24. Pay cycler is a SCAM, they only merged their friends and relatives to new comers, in order for their friends and relatives to get more money from the registered members, the Admin can decided who to merge you with, the system is not the one merging you automatically, I have made a payment over two weeks now, and no one has been merged with me, so avoid investing your money there.

  25. These comments are scary how can someone provide help since 21 and its 29th the person has not gotten help. I just registered waiting to be paired bit with this whole comments I’m thinking twice

  26. Hello people,i was paired with 4 people to pay me bt only 3 were able to make d payment
    Pls,what is going to happen to d pending payment?

  27. D officer in charge of paycycler,pls do sth concerning this delay,am tired of ur wait patiently u will b merge wit 4 persons soon and yet no positive change,I made payment since on 17th/12/16 and yet to be merge wit 4persons as promises.U keep wasting our MB wit hope of seeing good result but instead rising pple BP everyday. Rubbish

  28. i joined cycler on 23rd and dey megre me withbsome one to pay which i did on the 25th
    up.till date they have not merge me with some one to pay me…30/12/2016

    wats wrong pls i.hope.itz not a scam pls

  29. I joined cycler 24th DEC. and they said they will merge me to pay some one in 24hours time
    up till date 30/12/2016 they have not merge me to pay the person the system says cycler will merge u to pay some one soon pls wait

    I hope itz not a scam oh
    kus na EDO juju ah go use for am the person go die instanta.
    kus ive one account which i was merge to pay a cycler which i did Two weeks now there have not merge me for some one to pay me watsup with th online stuff…Make them no make ,make man go juju for dem oh,forget online stuff oh d juju go work i swear down
    I trust EDO juju lemme just wait till Jan.15th 2017 den we will.know

  30. I have been confirmed since 19th of Dec and uptil now I haven’t been merged. I introduced a friend of mine as well and uptil now he hasn’t been paid either.
    Please is there any means of communicating with the administrator. Thank you

  31. I have changed my mind haven’t read these comments. Though I have registered but yet to be paired and do not think I will continue due to the negative comments.

  32. I paid my 12500 since two months now but I wasn’t merged with anybody.the simple truth is that paycycler is a scam.they merge you with their friends and family to collect your money.please you guys should advice your friends and family no to dare it,it’s a scam of the highest Oder.the law enforcement agency are looking into it.pne of their do called admin was apprehended.please be warned am a victim too

  33. I have paid since 21/12/2016 and have been confirm but until now there have not merge me with people that will pay this is ten days now please help

  34. I made my payment since 17th December, up till now they have not merged me with the four people, I don’t have much to say because the ones said so far have not yielded any positive fruit, but PAYCLER CEO or CHAIRMAN or OWNER, beware!

  35. since i registered i have paid to someone and i have not been merge naither d pple i reg what happening if the cant keep their words people will be scared to pay there 12,500 i borrowed d money i used to invest dix thing, d money belongs to my younger bro its his money for waec and suppose to pay next me out 08102559341 username legendy29

  36. pls oh am stil waiting to be merged and i have about 16 of my students who wants to register but are still waitng for me to testify that its real before they register

  37. I had only 12,500 with me as at December 19, it was my source of expenditure for my Yultide shopping, I invested it into Paycycler hoping to get paid, ever since then till now, nothing to show for it, I don’t think this ponzi scheme is real, yesterday was my birthday, I had no money with me, I was indoor, too bad!

  38. plss i have not been pair for 10 days now after my payment …what is going on it a scam or no pple 2 much ??

  39. I registered since 4days now, and not merged to pay anyone yet. and my sis hv paid to someone since 2weeks now and yet to b paired to 4 person to pay her.

    Honestly this is not encouraging new ppl to join in ooo.

    plz make una do am well ooo
    so DAT evrybody benefits from it
    by giving and receiving in turn

    let it not b DAT Nigeria are not good when it come 4 money matter.

    don’t just pair only family, friends and relative in here.

    allow everyone to gain from this plz
    my follow Nigerian’s.

    God bless u all.

  40. Truth is if you join the paycycler, its important that you introduce at least 5 persons to the website that will register. If you register, fold your arms and wait for people to fill up the downline, your registration just created is not wise. Its bad that people registered with more than a single account yet they havent referred anyone to the site. Its a pyramid. If you dont invite (4) four and each of the (4) four you invited so the same, the system wont progress.
    Secondly, the bad review about the site you guys are giving via comments will deter potential new members.
    Thirdly and most importantly, the admins of paycycler need to step-up their game. They should be testimonials before upgrades to step two(2) to cushin the effect of the widely negative review.
    The feedback mechaniam of the website is terrible. There is no known way, place nor how to reach the admins and ask questions. The pioneer members should create whatsapp groups to carry people along and finally, you cant give people a timeline of when they will be paid! Its a pyramid, if new members dont join, it becomes stagnated. The news section of the website is full of arrogant post. Remember, paycycler, is a new website, dont give unachievable timeline because people have the right to complain. Encourage members to introduce the website and convince at least ten (10)persons to join.
    And lastly please put a contact on the website like facebook group address, twitter handle, whatsapp contact of the tech team. Good luck.

    1. Yes Mr. Benjamin u re right pay cycler is real but no tech team contact that membres can lay any complan to just has Mr. Benjanin stated. Pls if that should be add to the site it will do more good to all. Thank God bless PayCycler

  41. I registered with paycycler,since then the four persons i was merged with refuse to pay, for more than two weeks now, i try contacting them they all told me that they are no longer interested that the scheme is a scam. please i dont know what to do. i am ONYEMA CHIMA CALEB

  42. I have paid since 23rd dec too and I am yet to be merged with anyone. hope this is not a scam and I have 5 people that are waiting for me to be paired before joining. We can all see that it is a scam.

  43. I paid on DEC 23 and I WS confirmed dat same day still nw I HV not been merged wht s happening pls ooo u ppl shld do somtin.

  44. You guys should read the news update on the site. For me nobody has been paired to pay me for 2weeks now having 2 accounts. 25k on the run. Admin if na scam tell us and stop wasting our time, it is better you steal our money which we can made later on, but a time lost can never be gotten back. But if paycycler is for real, do and merge 4 x 2 serious minded folks to pay me. Thanks

  45. OH MY GOODNESS, You just can’t ignore this, I paid 10k and got 20k in return in less than 24hrs, this is wonderful. This is so amazing and hard to believe, even me can’t still believe I got paid 20k now because it was too fast and accurate. Try yourself. Just helping you. Not forcing anyone. Join Nigeria Naira now and thank me later.

  46. I was paired by four persons and only only one paid… So wat happens to the remaining of my money and the people that refuse to pay me?

  47. I register on paycycler, I pay 12,500 to someone now they only merge two people with me instead of four as they said

  48. Yes Mr. Benjamin u re right pay cycler is real but no tech team contact that membres can lay any complan to just has Mr. Benjanin stated. Pls if that should be add to the site it will do more good to all. Thank God bless PayCycler

  49. pls I was paired with only two ppl instead of four ppl n one of them said he was nvr a member of paycycler but ultimatecycler. pls what will I do.

  50. paycycler is back cool!!
    they said everything all about unconfirm payment and the rest.
    but there didn’t say anything concerning we that have paid and that been confirm right from time PLS say something about we that have payed and that has been confirm are they still gonna merge pipu to pay us?? Thanks am GOODLUCK ALABO 08094183186

    1. Make una help me Thank God…I was paid on TUE and got my paid this morning…This is so sweet…I will keep my money in the bank again.

  51. imagine I registered since on 11/12/16 and paid someone on the 12/12/16 and was confirmed same day. till now pay cycler hasn’t matched anyone to pay me….one month later! surely pay cycler is a scam, rogue site managed by thieves.

  52. please Paycycler I have paid some1 seems December 27 up till now u has not pair me with 4 people to pay me I even open 4 acct for my friends I introduce still I have not been pair with 4 people to pay me pls do something long live pay cycler my user name is Nwanneka odoh my number is 07068315985 pls Paycycler do something thanks

  53. I have problem of uploading payment confirmation, I have make payment to who i was ask to make payment to, i have try to call the person to confirm me but he refuse to confirm me, I have also been trying to upload the payment receipt from my page and i couldn’t, Can someone help me out because the time frame to confirm payment is limited and yet i can’t upload my receipt.


  55. Please I’ve paid since on 27th December 2016, do,I was confirmed that same day. But I’ve been waiting since then up till now they’ve not merged. Please am still waiting.

  56. I paid 12,500 since late December 2016, I’m afraid that till date the message showing is that I will be paired with 4 persons soon. uptil today 13/1/17 nothing.

  57. Hmmmm you guys are saying four to five days no paring to be sincere to you I am going to 17 days now and they have not paired me i believe this is pure scam cos I paid since Dec 23 up till date I have not being paid

  58. Pls I ve paid my cycler since 24th of December up till now no body be been pair to pay me pls what is going on somebody should pls help me

  59. Hmmm. this people are not using their head. how wuld they want people to join wen their are lots of complain from participant. is beta they say it takes 30 days to match instead them saying 3-4 days and yet nothing instead giving people doubt. Mine is up to 2 weeks yet nothing.

  60. I have been merged with two people they have not pay me yet so i tred calling them, one of the numbers is not connecting the other number is not intrested what should i do? paycycler.

  61. Dear paycler , your system has to be reviewed , once a person registers and u automate payment , why not automate pairing too. This is not to good ,if u really want us to convince people for u guys ,i have paired since and im yet to be paid 11th jan .2017 and imyet to be matched with 4pple

  62. dear paycler, if you automate ur system to pay , also automate it to pair , this delay is discouraging, where the market is competitive .i have not been matched since

  63. To day makes it one month and I av not been merged and also I was sent a referral link I don’t know wat to do wit it o plz me out

  64. To day makes it one month and I av not been merged and also I was sent a referral link I don’t know wat to do wit it o plz help me out

    1. Nawa ooooooooooo!till now no improvement on this platform, Nigerians should learn and be wise, Stop putting your hard earned money into a pit just because you want to get rich overnight. Though there is no crime in trying, but risk should be taking wisely okay. GOD bless Nigeria!!!

  65. Two of my friend registered same time yesterday and guess wat they where match to pay same person. due to curiosity they decide to register again and also match to pay same person again they did again til the fourth time and same again. So my observation is dat the admins are the one taking the money dat is y nobody has been paid. My frnds decide not to pay due to dat. and unlike other scheme there is no news or reply from them so we can know the way forwar

  66. It’s so obvious now that paycycler is a scam. I have paid since 18 December 2016 but still have not been merged. I try contacting the admin but no response and by the way what kind of scheme will say people should not complain if they are not merged and threaten to block their account if they do. I just want paycyler founder to know one thing for sure that, who ever take other people’s money or possession fraudulently is cursed and will never know peace unless the stolen goods is returned. I registered and paid since December without hesitation with two accounts but have not been merged till date (23/02/2017) haba and you say paycycler is not a scam.

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