Important Info on Ponzi schemes from the Admin of

Important Info on Ponzi schemes from the Admin of


My name is Martin and I am the admin of this website and I want to address some issues regarding Ponzi schemes.

When I started this blog, my intention was to provide people with all the information they need to be able to make money on MMM Nigeria. But after MMM Nigeria had issues, lots of other Ponzi schemes started to come out and they started getting massive popularity. That was when I decided to make this blog a place where you will find information on all Ponzi schemes in Nigeria.

My intention is to see many Nigerians leverage on this platform to make some “quick” money. However, recently while going through the comments on this blog, I noticed that a lot of persons are losing monies to the Ponzi schemes and I feel very bad at that and that is the reason why I am making this post.

I really want us to understand that participating in Ponzi schemes is not a sustainable way of making money. Ponzi schemes don’t last. The way a typical Ponzi scheme works is that it takes money from new members to pay old members. The moment new members stop coming in, the system crashes. Only this year we have had over 200 Ponzi schemes that have crashed.

The reason why almost everyone in Nigeria is running or creating a Ponzi scheme website today is because it is paying. I know someone who made over a million naira in less than one week from a Ponzi scheme he created. I don’t have a problem with owners of Ponzi schemes making money. However, I have issues with greedy Ponzi schemes admin who want to make all the money in this world at the expense of those that registered on their platform. Greed kills!

Against this backdrop and based on our experience with Ponzi schemes, we want to make the following recommendations.

  1. The best time to join a Ponzi scheme is between 1-3 days of launch. If you join any Ponzi scheme after the 4th day of launch you stand a very big chance of losing your money.
  2. Please only make use of your spare cash. These things are not 100% certain. Anything can happen.
  3. Always drop feedback on any Ponzi scheme you register with on the comment section of this website.

On our part, henceforth we will try as much as possible to verify all the Ponzi scheme adverts we get before publishing them on this platform. We know you guys trust us a lot and we wouldn’t want to lose your trust. We are also sorry for all those who lost money after registering with any we posted here.

Finally, I want to do a shout out to Lily, Ify, Rachel and all those doing some awesome job dropping feedback regarding any Ponzi scheme they join here.

Once more, my prayer is that ultimately, we make more money than we lose to these sites.




108 thoughts on “Important Info on Ponzi schemes from the Admin of”

  1. Hello Martins, thanks for your concern and message to us your subscribers. I don’t know why you didn’t mention my name Oliver among those who regularly update others here. Nevertheless, try not to display news about sites that are already more than 24hrs old. Thank you.

  2. thank you for this Martins and of course i have lost cash to some of this scheme too. pls do us a good favour to helping us know the date of lunch when anyone comes out. thanks bro

  3. Thank you so much Mr Martins, for your kind gesture message. If i open my mouth to speak on how much money i have lost on these greedy ponzi scheme scammers, you will really pity me. But nevertheless, before you will update us again on any new Ponzi scheme, try to critically scrutinized the authenticity of that ponzi, and further threaten the admin of the said ponzi that if anyone loses his/her money in few dayz of creating the so called ponzi, that he will be apprehended by the Nigerian EFCC AUTHORITY. Please give them strict WARNING! Nigerians, they claim to liberate from economic recession, are the ones they end up duping! It is a very serious sorry situation, aching to the heart and highly lugubrious! Thanks once again.

  4. Thank you Martins, honestly, I lost N200,000 with Loopers, N400,000 with Cashspina and N400,000 with Dashnpay. I was introduced into to dubius business by a friend, in the end all my investment and the borrowed money are gone. I appreciate this information, I wish i got it earlier.
    God bless your soul.

  5. Thank you Martins. How i wish I got this information earlier, I would not have lost that much I lost.
    May God bless your soul.

  6. Hi Martins, I had lots of confidence here which I wouldn’t want to loose seriously, please do your findings very very well before posting any site please and please. This ground should be a place of solace to some reasonable extent and not otherwise. kindly take note….. my regards….

  7. Hello Martins, you just acted like a worthy leader:
    No doubt your intention is deliver credible info that will enable your subscribers earn extra cash. It was good you made this post. One fact I can’t deny is that most profits (say 90%) I have made online was came from the info I got here. And because of the credibility of many of my friends and family have also subscribed too.
    Please I need say this (just the last Friday I lost about 250k, while my friends and family lost over 400k (put together) on a site that was published here. THEGROWINGBANK.NET. And now the have gone to open another site. Their admins are (Mutiu Adeleke, Idris Salihu, Samuel Junior and others.
    Let’s all expose these heartless and evil people through caution and knowledge.
    I believe they will be brought to the books soon.

    Meanwhile Martin, is there anyway I can get your personal contacts… Trust me it’s for good

  8. pls martin many have lose much money on this ponzischeme do to peole uploading fake pop. admin is doing noting about it eventhough you reported.look into it.

  9. Thnx Marin,they ar feeding fat on us. Instead of making money I av lose so much. pls post the new ones alone since u kn how it works.

  10. Thanks to you Martins, and please only post the new ones that want to be lunched and time of lunching, to know how fast we can register to get paid on time before the queue get longer. Thanks once more. More grease to your elbow.

  11. Thanks Mr Martins for showing concern. it shows u have good intentions for us. Keep it up! As most people have pointed out, pls do verify especially the launch date before posting it. Thanks

  12. Thanks Martin, cos I always follow ur updates on this site to know which one to register on. Thanks for your concern.
    Please it will be good to always let us know their date of launch so we are sure to decide on which to register . As many of us follow on ur publish to register and never get paid . Maybe Cos we didn’t know how far their launch date is. Thanks very much for this update .
    Keep the good work going … Stay blessed

  13. Believe me u just make my day, admin try n put all ur best in ur findings b4 u upload any ponzi scheme and if possible delete the ponzi scheme dat pple hv being complaining about or dat hv stop paying . more so u can create a platform whr u invite d admin n we ur reader on des blog to make it more transparency.

  14. Thanks so much for your concern Mr. Martin, but even the newly launched ones tend to scam people on launching the site before they are a day old e.g Suregiver, ogafund, sevetbank Please investigate well well before putting up such sites. We really appreciate your good work. Please help us.

    1. Gellazone too had the intesion of scamming on lunching, thet made it in such that from lunching participants are been matched to their team, i investigated that and called the a them but they claim they were once scamed and has loosed a lot of cash on ponzi, thereby giving me the go ahead to any length that they are lawers so i imformed th EFCC with their bank details, the investigation is on going and luckenly, my friend is incharge of the case

  15. I was so glad abt how u pasted savetbank on the day and night of their launch…That’s the best …But it seems like u dont paste site when they are very new like before…I’d like to encourage you that site here shld be very new
    ..Bcos a lot of us have lost our hard earned money

  16. I invested in loopersclub and it more than a month I have not been merge, now I can’t login into the loopersclub account again

  17. pls if dia is a way to update d admin of al dis ponzi abt any report dat wi post to dem dat dey should b working on it… all dis admin of ponzi don’t wrk on report.

  18. Guys no need to they worry again ooo just join and feel the vibe. 10k must not be a big deal for us now…..

  19. admin, we are still loosing our money to this newly introduced ponzi schemes specially yesterday launched 6am. you are not helping us at all.U didnt fulfilled ur promise as per checking and known their authentically mission of them.i think u should stop posting them.

  20. All the dead and closed ponzi sites that stole people sweat are the new ones springing up daily, They are all rouges and should be boycotted till they show the names of the site owners and their phone numbers. The newer the ponzi scheme, the more likely they are crooks and they will steal your money away with speed.

  21. Please Admin, kindly delete closed sites like LOOPERS, NAIRA PROPELLER, ALWAYS PAY, LIBERTY FUNDS etc from your ever growing list of categories make we know the remaining scam sites still busy duping our compatriots

  22. Thanks for the information. If 200 ponzi scheme has failed this year it means an average of 2.5 ponzi scheme fails per day, this is serious. I will personally advise investors to stick to MMM and Twinkas since they are still paying.

  23. Admin thanks for your good works. Just to bring to your notice that many of the Ponzi’s posted this week are fake….like unity cash, ogafund, pairfountain etc, i registered and provided help in all of them till now nothing to show.

    Secondly, am suggesting you create a platform here where you will be posting fake ponzi’s who have failed and for members here to beware of them.

    Sir you need to re-strategise inorder to flush out fake ponzi’s before posting for us here…….God will be your strength as your trying to make us rich.

  24. Hello admin, pls when will newly pinned trusted site coming now? Though sure giver tried alot to make it up with their flaws but Naija said NO.. once bitten twice shy

  25. Please those that was launched yesterday did any body try any of them..really want to know cos I have falling victim alot..Want to be very sure thanks..

  26. Martins una know say una dey craze oooo. If not, u wouldn’t have posted nonsense on the platform for us to fall victim of… Now I know say u pple na the Same…

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    1. Newly launched website today. Fast paying right now. Join the moving train. Register with It’s new and it’s paying. You won’t regret that you do

  28. Thanks Martins. Quite considerate and rational. And for the record, yes, I have lost a lot also.
    Biko, always inform us b4 d it is launched and be sure of their authenticity also. Imagine after losing #MONEY I even get their unsolicited txt mssgs introducing their fraudulent schemes to me

    MEANWHILE, SavetBank still pays very fine!

  29. People have been scared to put big Monies in Platforms this days… So Are you ready to gather money for this Easter? Just Launch 2k Easter package to GH 4k in 12hrs,.. The Intent is Not only For Easter but we want to be Tested and Trusted. #Faster Fingers hurry up as people are already getting Merged.

  30. martins! great job, i really no it can be done.

    i believe i speak the mind of most persons here when i say this: ponzi can be done decently if people remove greed.
    we crave for solid sites, sites we can trust and can last

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