How To Provide Help In MMM Nigeria Office

How To Provide Help In MMM Nigeria Office

After successfully setting up your MMM account details, then you are ready to provide help.

What is Provide Help?

As you already read previously, MMM works with the ideology of donations.
A participant gives to another participant who needs help, the person giving is Providing Help, while the other receiving is Getting Help.

Mr. A provides help to Mr. B today and tomorrow, Mr. B provides to Mr. A and so on and so fort….(its circulatory)

There’s no such as deposit or a central bank which collects participants funds, everything is done MUTUALLY from Participant to Participant, that’s why you need to Provide account details to receive fund from others.

I hope you understand!

How To Provide Help?

Login into your PO as already explained from theĀ previous guideĀ HOW TO LOGIN. Now from your dashboard, below the tabs, there are two buttons, Provide Help and Get Help.

Make sure to follow the illustrated steps carefully not to make a mistake…

Click on Provide Help Button like below.

It brings you to a warning pop-up page for agreement and confirmation like below…

Tick the User agreement and proceed by clicking Next

From the next page that pops up…

Tick on Other bank as i did above, then click on Next.

Next brings you to this page below.

1. Input the amount you are donating in multiple of 10 like above.
2. Click on Select button.

The next page appears like thus…

3. Input the same amount on the box Leftover distributionlike above.
4. Click on Next button

Now this is the final step, verify the data by inserting the word verification like below.

After that, click on Next and you are done!

This is just how to provide help on MMM Nigeria, hope it helps!

After following the above steps, now your dashboard looks different, like something being added.

Now you need to wait for your PH order to be matched with another participants GH order, the sweet thing with this ideology of MMM is that your cash stays with you until the order is been matched and you pay.

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