Elevated Funds.net Launched By 9.pm on 5th March

Elevatedfunds.biz dropped by 9 p.m. On 5th of March. This ponzi was built to carry more than 10000 active users. The admins promises to match the first 1000 signees instantly and even if you are in the first 1000 and you get paid and you recycle, you get paid again as far as the 1000 users threshold hasn’t reached.

Amazing Features

Elevated Funds is a sure and reliable way to make money without having to stress yourself. Elevated Funds is efficient and reliable with a support team round the clock to resolve any issues.
Elevated Funds is an avenue to make your spare cash work for you just by donating.
Elevated Funds aims to tap into the massive regenerative power of peer to peer donation in times of economic recession. Elevated Funds is designed to last a very long time and the website is user-friendly..


Our system robot is efficient and effective, you get merged to pay within 3hours after registration. Once your account is activated, you will be merged to receive your own donations.


Our system is built to resist hackers, Cyber beggars are strongly advised to stay away, provided you are willing to provide help, you are sure to receive help to. USE ONLY SPARE CASH.


Our system is built to provide and satisfy every active member with our sleek interface, Active purge button, Deactivation button, Payment proof upload.

Packages available:

10k package,
20k package,
50k package,
100k package.

Advantage of running this ponzi:-

1. There is an active purge button and also a blacklist button to disgrace begger, so you can purge people that won’t pay you. however the purge button only enables you to only 2 new people to pay you.

2.Automated & Secure System
There is NOBODY doing the matching or pairing process. It’s all done by the system instantly. ElevatedFunds is a secure system and we promise 90% uptime.

3.Quick Support
You can reach us through through an active email address accessible in the site. We are 24/7 online to respond to your issues. Please don’t share your login details with anyone.

4. free merging of one person for every six people that joins through your referral link.
plus many other features that can be accessible in the site. free merging to people.

join now @ elevatedfunds.biz

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