Delay with Request to Get Help on MMM Nigeria

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Ever since today i have received lots of calls from MMM Nigeria participants telling me that they are unable to get help and asking me what the problem is. Judging by the number of complaints I have gotten, it is safe to assume that it’s a general problem with ”Get help” which I am sure will get resolved shortly. However, here is how to report delay in getting help.

How to first report Delay in Getting Help to Support.

  1. Log into your MMM Personal office (PO)
  2. Click on Support, then click CREATE to open a ticket like this:
  5. Your message: Share your experience or story
  6. Browse: Upload any relevant document of screenshot (only if necessary)
  7. Click Save to submit ticket.


  • After this, you will get response from Support/CRO, follow their instructions and wait (waiting may take up to 48 hours, depending on their workload).
  • If you have been placed on Temporary Moratorium, they will tell you.
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  1. Good day thanks for the info, but please my own available for withdrawal is 0 naira when i was about getting help. I have already wrote a letter to support. Am not the only one affected , had same complain from other people as well.

  2. Pls, i am expecting monet paid, deadline given is ending diz night..d guy called dat he is on his way to d bank, but up till now, i av not got any alert..2ndly, we need to be sure dat diz frozen mavro ti is not sum scam…thats our fear…

  3. I requested to get help since 24/11/16 till now I have not be matched I wrote to support they said i should wait till now an order hasn’t be created please matched me

  4. Emughedi UrolonaanJanuary 8, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    Good Day, please I request to get help on 12 Dec last year 16.afterwards I mistakenly confirmed the teller without the alert due to network issues and till today I have not received the funds, I called but the person said I should wait till Mmm resumption. Wat should I do.

  5. mmm is real on 17th jan 2017 i got help of 9k tanks mmm. i just ph 20k now and my money is growing.

  6. pls participants dont b afraid to ph mmm has not crash u can just have little delay to gh but ur money will still b growing. if it has crashed u can not even log in to see ur money, i have more dan 12 people who have just ph now with time everytin will b ok. lets continue to GH so that PH will resume on time. lets encourage ourselfs and move forword, iam also expecting to GH some of my money but i knw i will get dem so dont worry we knw how mmm work, it has happen in some countries bfore and now is working for dem. mmm is real mavrodi did not have any personal account so he did not dupe anybody lets encourage others to ph and u will see mmm in action for better tanks. in mmm nigerian will go forward.

  7. I am a First timer in mmm. I registered for mmm on 28th November, 2016 and I Provided Help in early December before it was frozen. Since mmm resumes work, I have been trying to Get Help but all I always see is that “we have exceeded the number of Get Help per day”. What should I do


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