Clarittas: Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time.

Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time. Donate N1,500 twice, get N12,000 in 7 days time. Donate N1,500 three times, get N18,000 in 7 days time.



You donate N1,500 to a Fellow Claritta Member, and in 7 days time you’ll be matched with 4 Claritta Members who will donate N1,500 each to you.

This is on to go about it;

Become a Claritta member by registering on the website.

*You (together with 2 other members) will be automatically matched with an existing Claritta member.

*You donate N1,500 to that member you’ve been matched with, and your Claritta account will be instantly activated, and you’ll be able to refer people to

*You can make up to 3 donations at the same time, and for each N1,500 donation you make, Claritta matches you in 1 week’s time with 4 members who donate N1,500 each to you. If you make 2 donations (of N1,500 each), then in 7 days time you’ll get matched with 8 people who will pay you N1,500 each (making N15,000 in total).

327 thoughts on “Clarittas: Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time.”

    1. new technique found…you can make 125,100 within 26days with just 1500, and also be matched within 4 days after donation….just visit my page

  1. Join claritta with just #1500 and get 6k in 24hr.
    No need for referral ,but each member you refer earn you #1500 for each.

    1. Bro am a new member have paid since last week and is 7days now i haven’t see the money and i paid twice i even registered some people under me 7days has passed nw no traces wat shld i do

      1. I dont this claritta is real.I have a friend that registered since 3 weeks ago,till now he has not been paid a dine.I also registered and donated since Thursday,till now i have not received anything.Claritta,stop frauding people because if you deceive people and rob them of their earned money,God will judge you

  2. Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7
    days time.
    Join Claritta, Nigeria’s Member-to-
    Member Donation and Referral
    Visit my page at: to learn

    1. Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time.
      Join Claritta, Nigeria’s Member-to-Member Donation and Referral Platform.
      Visit my page at: to learn more

  3. how reliable is this scheme. i just invested into another one not knowing it was having some problems. can anyone give more the true situation of things about this scheme?

  4. I have refer 8 people on claritta and I suppose to be match for d referal _3days after now which is yesterday but yet am not merge

  5. Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time. Join Claritta, Nigeria’s Member-to-Member Donation and Referral Platform. Visit my page at: to learn more or call 07031668529

      1. Claritta is now fake,I made payment getting to 17days going now nothing like matched,even my friends are also complaining.

  6. I registered in this platform, was merged to pay someone which I did. On uploading the proof of payment, I mistakenly clicked the ‘make donation’ panel again, please what is the implication?

  7. How I wish the site is strong! Certain features are not accessible as at the time – “Donations made* or “..view the claritta member you are to donate to”

    Guys, what are yiur observation concening th above quote?

  8. can someone talk to me, l don’t know if anyone else is experiencing same, I haven’t been matched since Sunday even after I paid. and now the site is not coming up.

    1. Clarit a is fake , it is scam
      Is there anybody who hv actually received from claritta ? I hv actually registered nd made donation bearlly two week now yet no match .
      Now I can’t even access my account anymore

  9. Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time.
    Join Claritta, Nigeria’s Member-to-Member Donation and Referral Platform.
    Visit my page at: to learn more.with dat link you can get all ur pay in less than 48hours and dat 2days…This is real.

  10. Donate N1,500, Get N6,000 in 7 days time.
    Join Claritta, Nigeria’s Member-to-Member Donation and Referral Platform.
    Visit my page at: to learn more

  11. I registered on this platform, on 29 January 2017, I donated #1500, Same day ,I referred 4 new member in which all of them has donated up till now i have not being merg to received money, my referral bonus was pending, I text the admin , last Thursday for my referral bonus I was merged to received #1500 that night. Since then I was not merged for referral bonus,my #6000 was due for payment on Sunday I was not merged up till now.pls I have been texting but no positive result .pls help me I don’t know what is happening pls.

    1. Olufunke, i wil like you to zero your mind on this so called claritta, they are all fraud just as mmm. I wil advice you to stop donating money on all this online network. …Thanks

  12. Have registered on claritta two weeks up till now am yet to get anything. I paid 2 people 1500 each. I have a lot of friends that want to join but are awaiting the end result of my investment.

    1. I wil advice you to keep your money intact with pls, this site is made of fraud. …yes it pay…but i bet you it wil disappoint you one day just like mmm does. I also observed that it’s difficult to login to your claritta account. …that means you should use your tongue and count your teeth. ….Thanks.

  13. Claritta is fake,it’s fraud, don’t put invest your money in it cos it’s yahoo boys that created it …a word is enough for the wise

  14. Since de day I paid/transfer DE money to her true ATM network stop, I Cant hv an access to my username and pass word is it hw tins in been done?…. I dnt undastand

  15. It is well….Good evening Claritta, I know you must have seen my message but haven\\\’t received any reply…. Please, I just want to know why I have not been paired. I ought to have bin paired on d 7th of this month but I haven\\\’t gotten any pairing…. Please, try and reply my messages. I look forward to seeing your reply…. May Claritta move forward ooo

  16. Browsing lastnite of claritta the network is just going and suddenly am blocked I try to enter is not going claritta what is going on

  17. How do I recover password on Claritta I hav tired so much tymz n now I want to Comfrim people,,,, how do I confirm them,,,,,, ,,, this email is what I used in opening it Plz reply to mi nowt

  18. once u register they will keep calling you every minute till you pay, once you pay u can’t upload your teller you can’t access their site your 1500, gone, scam scam scam.

  19. Enter Message Here I registered, sent d 1500 to the right person but d site has been down and am not able to upload the proof o payment till now wat can I do?

  20. Pls what is going on i can’t log in since two days, and i have a lot of people that i want to register, but d page has refuse to open what will i do, pls i need ur respond.

  21. Claritta, pay me my money! I registered on 2nd of this month February 2017 and donated 3000 (1500) to 2 different ppl that i was matched to pay to and uptill now they haven’t matched ppl to pay me.

  22. I hope this platform is not a scam. I paid #1500 since Wednesday and immediately I went back to upload my proof of payment, the site refused to open

  23. pls I was ask to pay to joy umukoro acct no 0148542160 GTBank of which I have done and she has confirm receiving it but I can’t upload my teller information so she suggest I send u message.her phone no is name is clement aborigho phone no 08134949085 I paid 1500 to her

  24. hellow claritta.i have donated the sum of 3000k to two sponsor and ever since then i have not been match to receive from another claritta Member .its over two weeks name is moses king.i will be grateful to receive a reply

  25. i registerd directli mistakinli, hav donated n hv bin comfirmd for up to 14days now and hv not yet been matched to be paid. instead,it reads hv bin matcd to be paid @feb 1st same day i was comfirmd and it shows 6k pending. wa shud i do?

  26. Claritta still pays like mad, I made payment of 1500 to a member yesterday Monday 13 February, after confirming my payment, I was matched with 4 members imediatly who paid me the same 1500 each the same day, making it a total of 6000. learn more through this link. CLARITTA.NET/EMMYLSON1

  27. Am michael philip,a member of claritta. I made payment on the 6feb an I have not been merged with anybody since that time til now.

  28. Good afternoon,I was merged to pay one Vivian Ebere Animalu which I did with ease, just to login and upload the evidence of payment this morning problem ensued. I couldn’t see the details of the person I paid neither do I see where to upload the evidence of payment. please how do I go about it.

      1. True… But the reason is simple….
        For spirit upliftment and a bunchbof other reasons, the claritta web designers and administration, decided to make a seperate list in their database which can be viewed by every member… That is the listbof individuals who have recieved payment in the whole claritta system…
        Thus making a mistake in a singular line of code which was the link to see the individual who you are to pay to and to upload proof of payment…. This single link was replace(mistakenly; i presume) with the new link for list of claritta members who have recieved payment…
        Please exercise patience as this will be rectified by the designers….
        – Isaac Jonah 08143751946

  29. I hasn’t be matched since last Thursday when people I referred has started collecting money, am yet to paid the referral bonus as well, pls help me out here is my number

  30. Pls I cant upload teller ccos the detail of who to pay to isn’t showing. Showing only the list of people that have received payment.claritta pls

  31. Pls i hv not seen who to pay oo it only showed list of people that hv received payment nd der said de will block d account after specific time frame abeg nah which kind wahala i hv my money bt system is misbehaving

  32. pls, someone assist. have been gtry to login into my account since yesterday to pay 1500 to someone but i couldnt login.

  33. I av donated since three week plus my referers i av not seen any kobo. It seems d scheme is organised by some ibo guys bcos almost 98percent of them were always match. If u observe it well

  34. I registered and make payment on 13/2/2017. till now , I ve not been matched to receive payment from anybody. pls what is happening?

  35. sorry please hav not been able to login to my claritta acct since d tym av paid bt d person i paid to have confirmed d payment.whats going on please

  36. I have not been able to upload my evidence of payment…. I hope they don’t block me she…. its redirecting me to people to receive payment today

  37. Please i joined claritta two days ago reaching yesterday i made payment to the people i was asked to pay. But when i was trying to upload d the teller i.e the evidence of payment, i didn’t see anywhere that is provided for the uploading of tellers and i hv already payed. Please someone should help me i don’t know what to do.

  38. i ve registered and make donation but i still cant upload my prove cos there is no option to that. and i m being feed with a message that my account will be suspended. please help and work on the site cos i cant afford to lose the money i paid to someone and the one to earn

  39. Pls I ve made 3000 payment to 2 people and I can’t even upload the teller bcos the option for uploading payment details is not showing on my account at all. What should I do now?

  40. I have donated sum of one thousand five hundred naira. to Emecho Eloho Irine. and he told me that he has received the money to his account . but he can’t conform me. and the system is telling me that I have not made eny donation.

  41. am facing the same problem, there is no where to upload my bank receipt, hope am not going to be block and am expected to have been matched since Sunday till now ,no matched. pls

    1. Please…
      Everybody should go and upload their proof of payments… The mistake has been rectified …..
      Tell all you friends…. The system is much better than ever now…
      Upload you proofs, call or send an SMS to the individual on the othet side of the rope to confirm you….

  42. Am sick n tired of dis so called claritta, for hw long will i wait 2 get my money. Since on d 8-2-2017 av made double donation #3000 up till nw av nt b paid a dime also i refered 4 ppu only 2 appears on my referal member list,my referal bonus whic i ought 2 av gotten since 12-2-2017 n 16-2-2017 was pended. It seems u ‘re wat ppu called u (Scammer). If nt proof urself n pay me my money. Enough is enough. If u can’t pay me my bonus, den giv me back d money i donated. Plz do sumtin. Tnx.

  43. I refer 2 people and they are now full member of claritta since and since then I have not received any money ……. Y?

  44. I have paid #1500 each to 2 people and I can not upload. The third person was paid #1500 since 14th Feb.2017 and up till now I have not received my own money. Can someone tell me what is really happening.

  45. also had same issue initially but seems it has been resolved now… you can go and check the site.. its running well,you can always log in through my ACC using

  46. I paid two people since on the 13th february, up till now i haven’t been paired to people that will pay me.

    Claritta take note.

  47. Please Claritta I opened an account (Issa aishat) and I have made payment but have been unable to open my account to upload proof, please help

  48. i have made payment to Iwu Chijioke Daniel since yesterday eveing but i can’t access my account to upload evidence of the payment for him to confirm me. my username and password is not opening my account. Please i need urgent help. Thank you.

  49. Follow this link and register on for u to be match quick.

    In claritta you will Donate N1,500, and Get N6,000 in 7 days time,Even if u don’t know how to refer people, just register through this link. and u will b matched in some hour a day time after u

  50. please i was matched with four people to pay me after 2weeks of registering with claritta. Now 2 out of the 4 has refused to pay until now, i dnt know what to do because there is no unmatch button there.

  51. My mind is no longer on the money but I really want to say this so that people will learn their lesson(s)…..Claritta is a scam I can say it with all my mouth.
    I provided help on the 2nd and 3rd of February respectively hoping to get my money in 7&8 days time…..up till now, nothing nothing.
    At my work place I convinced two people to join, one provided died help and I was expecting to get my referral bonus on the third day, maybe they will give me tomorrow.
    I was so sure that I told the person I referred that if they didn’t pay her I will refund her money….as a matter of fact, I have paid her back.
    I sent several messages no reply, Well it won’t just happen again, enjoy the 3k while it last
    for the fact that u people breached the agreement, I see it as a scam until u proved me wrong

  52. i registered on friday 17/2/17 i was blocked same day..after mking payment please admin unblock my account 08136017021

  53. I was matched to received from someone named eka Evelyn and I called her to inform her but what she told me was that another person have called her saying the same thing,so she would not payment and that she is going to open another account… So help me and tell me what to do..because am confused

  54. another technigue don show………i made 126,100 within 26 day with jst 1500,and you can b merge with users that will pay you after your donation within 4 days time.just visit my……..

  55. I made payment last week Friday #3000 naira to two difference people what am seeing is pending why I have to get match before tomorrow pls help me. Clarita is good business online why is it that is forcuping now

  56. just register with my page i will shw you how you will be merge for users to pay you…it is only for those who are ready

    1. How do we want clarrita to change wen clarrita members are also scamming themselve..i will teach u how to be matched if only u register tru my link..seeing that made me angry..let us change and be God fearing

  57. claritta i made payment since 9th of febuary have reffer 4peoples under me uptill now havent receive anything please claritta take note

  58. c, I dnt understand wt is happening I registers wit claritta n I evn referred infact am still referring smone as am writing to u nw BT claritta is yet to merge me nw. n is close to a month nw n av referred 3 persons. haba, maka y na? pls claritta do smtin or ur platform na scam bah

  59. pls what is happening with claritta website? has it clashed or what? am due for payment since tuesday 21 feb.2017. but up till now nothing.

  60. Am sorry about all the issues we are working on them, you may experience some difficulties opening the site from today bing the 24th February 2017 to 26th February 2017.

    1. Better come back stronger and better. Most people hooked onto your system are starters and strugglers who just want small money to keep them moving. Don’t swindle them.

  61. Please please please, do not make any more donations on Claritta. I’m almost a month over due for match up but no dice, not even the referral bonus

  62. I made donation to a claritta member a week ago which I’m suppose to get my own money today. But as at yesterday, claritta don’t match me with any member for my payment and even this morning, I’ve not been able to access the claritta website. please what is going on? (David)

  63. I have made payment to the person I was match to pay since 14 of the month, and I have not been match with anyone that will pay me, what is happening?

  64. Dear claritta support team,
    I had made donations to two members whom were paired with me to be paid, and i had paid them on 16th & 17th of February respectively and since then, only two people has paid me on just one account while other two members are yet to pay me to settle one account, while i av not been matched on the other account, i.e showing pending. What do i do?


  66. what’s happening over here i made donation this morning and coming back to login to my page but not responding till now what is the problem pls retify this issue as soon as possible oo

  67. fuck claritta you scam us since will have been payed will never match that mean we are just pay all ya member hun thaks for scam us fuck up……mmm is the best ever,,,,,pls my people dont do anything except mmm…thanks

  68. hey guys they ponzi clarittas is down and no more coming back to site..sorry for those dia money is still in it..i got it clearly thou
    my advice to you all is neva make payment to individuals anymore…and watch out for scammers

  69. pls what is happening am suppose to receive my pay today n l hvnt seen anytin yetoo pls help me claritta l need dat money badly as l am pls

  70. pls i was matched to pay two people but only one person confirm my payment d second person said she as forgoten her password wat is d next thing pls

  71. I made payment since February 6,2017 I have not been matched to receive any Donation. I even refer people nd they also made donation.

    1. What is there to smile?Better roll up your sleeves and clear the backlog of unmatched donors. You’re not only destroying ur brand,you’re destroying all the other p2p schemes because of your greed and incompetence.

  72. Pls I donated 3000 to 2 different members since 8th of February, I even register 5 more members telling them to pay them back if was a fake and since then they didn’t match me talk less of those that I registered,pls match me quick, bcoz some are still waiting for my payment b4 they can join

  73. what is really going on, the claritta platform is surpose to be doing well more than the twikas & the rest of them why is this going on, abi una be 419, eeehh una poor shah 1500*100 na 150,000 & hwmany una be una nor evn wait til may wat a selfish people.

  74. Claritta is a scam. I don’t encourage anyone to go into this. As am telling you now, my #4500 has no means to be found, I donated to three persons for over three weeks now, no sign that I could ever see my money again. It worked before but now it has stopped paying.

  75. Pls I made donation to one person on 15th Feb,2017 n I supposed to have been matched since last week but up till now nothing even my referal bonus is not showing on my personal office.Pls kindly help me do something about it pls.My name is -ATOLAGBE Eniola Bukola

  76. all of you complaining wats ur palava jxt 1500 am even tired f reading complaints.. go to other site nd c d way dey do things codedly … wise!!
    as for me i registered with a good sponsor and received my money dat same day …y nt register nd give ur testimony

  77. I don’t know why some guys don’t reason… it is not Claritta that pays… it is new people that are putting in their 1500 that you will be merged with. If you go all about the net spoiling Claritta’s name, who will join and pay you. You guys can’t just exercise little patience. I’m not excluded in the delay but complaining will only worsen the situation as nobody will want to join again and you will say you’ve lost money. This is Ponzi… wise up

  78. the site is rubbish if some people dont want pay instead of the system to blok them, and some refuse to pay me what will i do?

  79. Claritta are new scammer because I have paid now and no one pay me back since junuary 9 and you said just 7 days… people are second mmm

  80. i pay two pple but up till na i was not merge claritta has eating my hard earn money GOD will give u pple hard desease if u pple continue to eat our money like dis

  81. pls admin help me to unlog my acct it has bin log since saturday dey say is due to excess attempt to login pls help me l cant view anytin yet in my acct pls

  82. Enter Message Herethis is the highest fraud site in the world, don’t just make the mistake of investing ur money here cos some group of guys just formed it to be taking people’s money. I have done this for a long time now and no sign of getting back my money

  83. Peace be unto you, I registered on 5 of February 2017 and was confirmed, then on 8 of February I decided to donate#3000 to 2 members hoping to be matched within 7 days, but till now I have not been matched. please do something

  84. claritta, makanaki12 paid on 23rd of last month but he is yet to match… when do you people will match me ?

  85. good day, it is more than 3weeks now that l have provided help, up till now, have not been matched. Claritta, please do something before you loose your clients. thanks

  86. I created account on the 16th of February and made my payments the following day being 17th of February, I even as well referred people to it but up till now I’ve not been matched with people that will pay me. Not even one single soul have been matched to pay me. Why? I’m not happy at all. ..

  87. U will all b paid.Claritta is still paying.i have not been paid yet but they will pay. My friend was paid yesterday

    1. So when are those that paid at the end of February going to get paid.
      And why is there no reply emails sent or an announcement to those yet to receive.

  88. success we not lower it’s standard to us we are going to raise ourselves toward success and success we not collect anything from you except the currency of time join ecooperative it is paying buoyantly all u have loss in different ponzi scheme come and gain it from Ecooperative for more details call or whatsapp 08103673173

  89. In my profile I mistakenly clicked on donate,mean while I made payment since 23rd of february and am yet to receive anything ..

  90. I mistakenly made a donation and I was matched with someone meanwhile I made payment to onyinye Ogbu since 23rd of february and am yet to receive anything ….pls am worried

  91. i mistakenly made a donation and I
    was matched with someone
    meanwhile I made payment to
    onyinye Ogbu since 23rd of february
    and am yet to receive anything ….pls
    am worried

  92. It’s a big lie, claritta has not paid till February 16th cos I became claritta member and donated 4500 as three donation on the8th of February 2017,up till now I have not been matched to receive my own payment, they breached agreement, I referred two people in which each of them also make two donations,till now they have not been matched to receive any money on claritta, u put me to shame Infront of friends by how I praised u that u are different not knowing that I was wrong, thank you for eating our hard earned money. God will surely judge u claritta, except u pay me.Even my referral bonus was not paid, please get me matched and pay money.

  93. Pls i made donation on 27 of February but till now have not been matched am totally confused pls what do I do

  94. I register since first week of march till now this May have not been matched with anybody y God will punish who ever that create this site for people to damage their money with an it shall not be with u people except u refund all the money I put its a very painful thing which u people know is not good

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