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BoonBuy Network : Register on, an Investment platform that pays you 3% of your investment daily for 90 days

Boonbuy Network was founded in 2013 as eCurrency exchanger, today it’s one of the most reliable trading & eCurrencies services company.


What we are doing here is to try and review this investment programme so our readers understand exactly how it works.


BoonBuy Network (BBN) is a very unique and legitimate investment platform; it pays you 3% of your investment daily for 90 days. It pays every day of the week, 7 days a week, without any delay.

BBN is not MLM scheme. It’s not a Ponzi scheme. It is purely an investment platform where you invest and get paid daily.

BoonBuy Network started since 2013 and this year makes it four (4) solid years of consistent daily payment. In BBN, one thing is guaranteed YOU WILL GET PAID DAILY FOR 90 days.

BBN is basically into Bitcoin Trading and Bitcoin Mining. (All investments are made in Naira & Profits are also paid in Naira). When you invest, BBN shares the profit with you the investor by paying you 3% of your investment every day (for 90 solid days). BBN NEVER misses nor delay payment.


There are four (4) levels of investment you can go for.

N20, 000




You have the option to invest N20,ooo, 50,000, 100,000 or 200,000 in BoonBuy Network which returns N600,1500,3k or 6k daily non-stop for 90 days respectively. At the end of the 90 days, you would have earned a total of N54k, 135k, 270k or 540k
They have years of track record in giving you the very best to make you achieve more, and letting your dream see the light of the day increasing your income By 120% or More!

Do you need money? Do you have money but need information on a reliable investment opportunity? Do you have money but want to hold on to it because you’re not sure of another income? Yes or yes? Introducing BBN eCurrency trading platform! BBN eCurrency was designed for you to enjoy high yields from short-term trading income.

Register with my link for more guide

To register on BoonBuy Network(BBN), click here


If you have any reactions, contributions, you can drop comments below in the comment section.

Paidinvest- register on and double your investment was launched by 12pm on 13/04/2017.



PAIDINVEST is a global charity organisation that helps its esteemed members to donate to one another and help improve the standard of living of the entire community at large. It is a systematic peer-to-peer donation system with a perfect tree that builds every level complete before moving to the next. No referral link is needed and registration is absolutely free. By using this platform, members can donate and receive from one another. Anybody from anywhere on earth is eligible to join as long there is an interest of being financially independent.

Select the appropriate package that suites you and make yourself stand out from the crowd

2:1 matrix
Auto merge
Pay out/in option

2:1 matrix
Auto merge
Pay out/in option

2:1 matrix
Auto merge
Pay out/in option

Register now on Continue reading Paidinvest- register on and double your investment

Realearners- register and double your investment was launched on 13/04/2017 by 9am.



₦ 5,000.00
Auto Assign
2:1 Matrix
₦ 10,000.00

₦ 10,000.00
GH less than 24hours
Auto Assign
2:1 Matrix
₦ 20,000.00

₦ 25,000.00
GH less than 24hours
Auto Assign
2:1 Matrix
₦ 50,000.00


Trustdonor- register on and double your investment

Trustdonor is Lauching With Difference: Wednesday 12th April by 10:30am.

Are you on the look for the safest way to make good money within the shortest timeframe humanly possible?

Here’s introducing… – A peer to peer donation platform to help members get financial stability; also add smiles on their faces..


When you join you will need to donate the sum of N10,000 , N20,000, N50,000, or N100,000 to a fellow member assigned by the system or your direct link.
After your payment, the member will confirm your donation and the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount each, into your bank account, making 200%. (i.e. 200% of N10,000 is N20,000, 200% of N20,000 is N40,000, 200% of N50,000 is N100,000 and 200% of N100,000 is N200,000).

No need to refer anyone – “Trustdonor” will assign referrals to pay you within 4days. After you have received payment from 2 people matched to you, the system will automatically EXIT you and allows unlimited registration. That’s, you’re free to register new and multiple accounts.
This is going to pump Cash into your bank account like a crazy ATM machine. Seriously!!

Here are two reasons why…

One – We’re currently a hot topic on different Top Nigerian Make-Money websites! This simply means that thousands, if not millions knows about our coming mega launch. A lot of people will join.

Two – We want everyone to benefit mutually. We therefore removed the registration link on the website to be added back once it’s the launch time – 10:30am Wednesday. This simply means that you can be the first member to get paid. There’s no catch to it.
We decided to make this bold move because we intend to stand the test of time and last beyond anyone’s imagination. Our primary aim is to create a positive history in the hearts of Nigerians who are serious about making money online.

Don’t miss out!! Here’s what to do immediately.
Setup your alarm time to remind you once it’s 10:30am today, quickly register, donate to whom you’re matched to pay and get paid in within the next hour or two.
For any info and queries, contact us –

Register now at

Donateandget- register on and double your investme a Fast Paying Ponzi Donation Site is Launching Today, April 12 by 11 AM

Donate and Get Paid Double Within One Hour to 14 days max. Launching April 12 2017 by 11 AM, may be the last Ponzi site that wll ever pay on time so do not miss this oportunity.

If you have lost money in Donation and Ponzi websites this may be your last chance to get it back and then some more. Fresh queues, fresh packages, jump in while its stil hot.

Register at

(NOTE: You can only register after launch tomorrow Wednesday April 12, 2017 by 11AM)

How it works
– is the only website that will still be paying out fast
– Donate an Amount and Get paid Double Within One Hour to 14 Days
– Join on any Package and Donate to the Person You are Merged With
– You have only 4 hours to pay so it is better if you have mobile banking to send and confirm payments
– Make Sure You Call the person first to make sure that they can confirm you quickly
– When that Person Confirms Your Payment, Two People Will Be Merged to Pay You within One hour to 14 days.
– No Referrals Required but you earn an extra bonus when you refer people in to register
– Donation sites like this come with some risk so please ONLY USE money that you can afford to lose
– Do not confirm anyone until you check your account balance. Don’t depend on alert only as this can be faked
– After you have been paid, you must recycle by donating again within 24 hours
– And make sure to give your TESTIMONY on social media and invite friends when you get paid
– If we all work together we can make this platform last long and keep paying
– Starter: N10,000 to Get N20,000
– Basic: N25,000 to Get N50,000
– Silver: N50,000 to Get N100,000
– Remember to share on Facebook, Whatsapp and all social media when you get paid!
Register at
(NOTE: You can only register after launch tomorrow Wednesday April 12, 2017 by 11AM)

Register now

Important Info on Ponzi schemes from the Admin of

Important Info on Ponzi schemes from the Admin of


My name is Martin and I am the admin of this website and I want to address some issues regarding Ponzi schemes.

When I started this blog, my intention was to provide people with all the information they need to be able to make money on MMM Nigeria. But after MMM Nigeria had issues, lots of other Ponzi schemes started to come out and they started getting massive popularity. That was when I decided to make this blog a place where you will find information on all Ponzi schemes in Nigeria.

My intention is to see many Nigerians leverage on this platform to make some “quick” money. However, recently while going through the comments on this blog, I noticed that a lot of persons are losing monies to the Ponzi schemes and I feel very bad at that and that is the reason why I am making this post.

I really want us to understand that participating in Ponzi schemes is not a sustainable way of making money. Ponzi schemes don’t last. The way a typical Ponzi scheme works is that it takes money from new members to pay old members. The moment new members stop coming in, the system crashes. Only this year we have had over 200 Ponzi schemes that have crashed.

The reason why almost everyone in Nigeria is running or creating a Ponzi scheme website today is because it is paying. I know someone who made over a million naira in less than one week from a Ponzi scheme he created. I don’t have a problem with owners of Ponzi schemes making money. However, I have issues with greedy Ponzi schemes admin who want to make all the money in this world at the expense of those that registered on their platform. Greed kills!

Against this backdrop and based on our experience with Ponzi schemes, we want to make the following recommendations.

  1. The best time to join a Ponzi scheme is between 1-3 days of launch. If you join any Ponzi scheme after the 4th day of launch you stand a very big chance of losing your money.
  2. Please only make use of your spare cash. These things are not 100% certain. Anything can happen.
  3. Always drop feedback on any Ponzi scheme you register with on the comment section of this website.

On our part, henceforth we will try as much as possible to verify all the Ponzi scheme adverts we get before publishing them on this platform. We know you guys trust us a lot and we wouldn’t want to lose your trust. We are also sorry for all those who lost money after registering with any we posted here.

Finally, I want to do a shout out to Lily, Ify, Rachel and all those doing some awesome job dropping feedback regarding any Ponzi scheme they join here.

Once more, my prayer is that ultimately, we make more money than we lose to these sites.
 Recycle 3 Times and get one cycle session free.

Recycle 3 Times and get one
cycle session free. We are here to help.

Beign poor is a choice.
Sweat and hardwork does not really pay. Thinking and smart work pays better.

Get 100% of your Donation, in minimum of 24hours and maximum of 7days.

About us
GetX2 is a social global networking organization that aid it’s members to receive help from each others. This is designed to improve the standard of living of each and every members. The registration is totally free and there is no referrer link. There is an active support system where you can communicate with the admin.

Our Ideology

Pair to Pair Donation

GetX2 does not have an account into which anybody pays to. You pay into someone’s account and they pay into yours. Its a clean clear process. We don’t give or take cash we just create a controlled process were people can donate for each other and helping each other boost their financial state.
Simple and Powerful Design

We don’t believe that complex system works better. No wasting of time poking around. We like to be direct and very functional. All process are designed so simple that a lay man can understand and use the platform. You don’t need to be genius.

How It Works
Step 1

Complete the process of registration on the plat form. We don’t collect unecessary information. Please make sure the information you are supplying is correct. On registration completion, the system automatically matches you to somebody whom you are to pay. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO PROVIDE HELP IMMEDIATELY.

Step 2

Make the necessary payments to account with the details on your dashboard. Payment must be made before the timer on your dashboard runs out. Failure to make payments disolves your account and the person you are suppose to pay is reasigned immediately by our system. On completing this process, the reciever must log into theer dashboard and comfirm your payments then the system will assign two people to pay you.

Step 3

The people assigned to you will pay you within the speculated time, if not they will be deleted and you will be reassigned by our efficient system. Once you recieve their payments, please login to your dashboard and confirm their payments. When this process is completed, you either close the account, or run a new pacage on the account. paying like mad: Launched on 5th March by 6:30pm paying like mad: Launched on 5th March by 6:30pm

ABOUT US is a naira peer-to-peer donation platform where members voluntarily give and receive donations. It is a community of like-minded members who are interested in donating to each other. You get the opportunity to willingly and randomly donate to any member. was founded by a team of expert multi-level network specialists who wished to create a platform that can be used to raise funds not just for the survival of humans, but for other humanitarian services.


To stand as a bridge between the rich and the poor so as to balance the unjust social system.


To provide a system that will support the need of our members so as to achieve their goals in life.


Integrity is our core value. We don’t breach our value for anything. We are fidelity to our value, we keep to it.


When you Join, you will need to donate the sum of either N15000, N25000, N50000, N100000, N500000, or N1000000 to a fellow member assigned by the system or your direct link, and the member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 4 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount each, into your bank account, making 400% (i.e. 400% of N15000 is N60000, 400% of N20000 is N80000, 400% of N50000 is N200000 100% of N200000 is N80000, 400% of N500000 is N2000000 and 400% of N1000000 is N4000000).

STEP 1: Create an account with by clicking on the register button.

STEP 2: Wait till you are matched with a fellow participant. Matching takes a maximum of 2 hours, and you are given a countdown time of 4 hours to pay up.

STEP 3:For security reasons, please pay only to the account details you see on your dashboard; and kindly call the receiver before payments to confirm account details, and after payments to confirm receipt of funds.

STEP 4: After payment, upload a proof of payment in the section provided for it and wait to be confirmed. Uploading of fake POP will lead to the automatic termination of the account, only serious participants are needed in

STEP 5: Once your account has been confirmed activated, it will be queued in the list of the accounts that will receive payment from other members. Getting paired with an account that will pay to you usually takes 1-3days or even less!

STEP 6: Once you confirm the last payment, the system automatically recycles you to a participant that you will pay for the same package you registered with. Once you pay for the recycle and you are confirmed, the system pairs you with participants that will pay you



Why I Choose Goldpaying. Com was launched on the 16th of may 2016 and is up and running till date.


GoldPaying.Com is the a professional investment program. We have some alternative investment markets that give us opportunities to keep our promises, concerning the payouts and are a kind of insurance against any possible fluctuations on the basic sources of getting the profit. Our aim is to educate the public.

You can learn about the market timing technique by becoming an investor on our site. In the past, most deals we choose to fund come to us from our network of friends entrepreneurs we have worked with or funded in the past, our limited partners. Nowadays we accept fund from peoples around the world.

GoldPaying.Com was a well built investment portal which provide a secure and safe investment environment to all people over the world. With a very secured system, which promised to give you the best time of investment with no fear. Therefore, We are different from others investment company because we are very serious about our services and customer satisfaction.

How it works

This platform offers a mutual fund and aid donation scheme where participants are matched to other participants to provide donations in a peer to peer system.

When you join, you select a package from the range of packages provided by the platform. You then donate the sum of either N10000, N20000 or N50000 depending on the package you registered with to a participant on the platform that would be assigned to you by the system. After successful donation to the assigned participant you get activated and then become eligible to receive 2 donations from 2 other participant that would also be assigned to you by the system with a rate of 100% increase of your initial donation.

The system offers change of package for participants who wants to change their package before a cycle and also a recycle feature that allows participants to recycle on their current package (this would require you to donate to another participant and get matched equally to 2 other participants after successful verification).

Please note that the platform has a strict policy of tackling the issue of fake proof of payment.

Choose your package

Start with a package that suites your needs and step into a world of possibilities… Upgrade as you grow in income.
Please ensure you have your donation ready before creating an account with us, as failing to fulfil your donation would mean an automatic removal from the system. You have 2hours to pay your upline, failure means automatic removal, so make sure you have internet/mobile banking enabled before you join us.
☆ All packages offer double investment returns.

Join us at

Elevated Launched By on 5th March dropped by 9 p.m. On 5th of March. This ponzi was built to carry more than 10000 active users. The admins promises to match the first 1000 signees instantly and even if you are in the first 1000 and you get paid and you recycle, you get paid again as far as the 1000 users threshold hasn’t reached.

Amazing Features

Elevated Funds is a sure and reliable way to make money without having to stress yourself. Elevated Funds is efficient and reliable with a support team round the clock to resolve any issues.
Elevated Funds is an avenue to make your spare cash work for you just by donating.
Elevated Funds aims to tap into the massive regenerative power of peer to peer donation in times of economic recession. Elevated Funds is designed to last a very long time and the website is user-friendly..


Our system robot is efficient and effective, you get merged to pay within 3hours after registration. Once your account is activated, you will be merged to receive your own donations.


Our system is built to resist hackers, Cyber beggars are strongly advised to stay away, provided you are willing to provide help, you are sure to receive help to. USE ONLY SPARE CASH.


Our system is built to provide and satisfy every active member with our sleek interface, Active purge button, Deactivation button, Payment proof upload.

Packages available:

10k package,
20k package,
50k package,
100k package.

Advantage of running this ponzi:-

1. There is an active purge button and also a blacklist button to disgrace begger, so you can purge people that won’t pay you. however the purge button only enables you to only 2 new people to pay you.

2.Automated & Secure System
There is NOBODY doing the matching or pairing process. It’s all done by the system instantly. ElevatedFunds is a secure system and we promise 90% uptime.

3.Quick Support
You can reach us through through an active email address accessible in the site. We are 24/7 online to respond to your issues. Please don’t share your login details with anyone.

4. free merging of one person for every six people that joins through your referral link.
plus many other features that can be accessible in the site. free merging to people.

join now @