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Earnerscash- register on and double your investment was launched on 29/03/2017.
Automatic/Instant Merging
Our merging algorithm is automatic, faster than anyone you have seen before.

Very Secure Server
We know that your personal information should remain private. That’s why our security system is unbreakable to data thieves and hackers.

We Hate Cyberbegging
Cyberbeggers are a threat to your earnings, that’s why we have a PURGE button. Once anyone proves to be a begger, Purge him out and get a Remerge!

Our Amazing Packages
We’ve Got the Right Package For Everyone

₦5,000 TO EARN ₦10,000₦10,000 TO EARN ₦20,000₦20,000 TO EARN ₦40,000₦50,000 TO EARN ₦100,000₦100,000 TO EARN ₦200,000