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DoubleCash: How to Earn Over #50,000 with only #10,000 in One week!

Unlike other ponzi scheme Doublecash helps you to make residual money to the tune of over fifty thousand naira(#50,000) in a week with just ten thousand naira(#10,000).


Before you register on this platform, you must be ready to send N10, 000 within 48hrs to the person you will be linked to.

✔Get registered today, using the link

✔Login to your account, then you will see who have been linked to send N10, 000 to.

✔Send your payment to the member within 48hrs, else your account will be banned from the program.

✔When your payment is confirmed by the member, you will be placed in the Receive List for you to be linked to two members who will Send Payment of N10, 000 each to you… that’s N20, 000 total!

✔When you have received your complete payment, you will then be linked to whom you will pay N10, 000 for the next doubling to receive another N20, 000. If you continue with next doubling in a week your must have made residual income.

…and the doubling process continues allowing you to make over #50,000 residual income in a week and over #200,000 in a month.

Features of the System:

♻Member to member payment,

💯100% increase on your investment,

❌Defaulting to pay within 48hrs gets your account banned,

🔄If a member linked to pay you defaults to make payment within 48hrs, the system automatically removes that member from your pay line and places that position for refill,

👍🏾Low risk start-up of N10, 000.


Click here to register