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Donwealth- register on and double your investment was launched on 30/03/2017 by 5pm.

DonWEALTH is a company that has been inspiring people to care about themselves by making donations.
It is one of the worlds largest Networking society with professionals that are interested in serving
your will to make donations to people.

Bronze PLAN
2 to 1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Auto Recycle
N 10,000 Return Investment
Silver PLAN
2 to 1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Auto Recycle
N 20,000 Return Investment

2 to 1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Auto Recycle
N 40,000 Return Investment

Diamond PLAN
2 to 1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Auto Recycle
N 100,000 Return Investment

2 to 1 Matrix
Auto Assign
Auto Recycle
N 200,000 Return Investment

There are different platforms of donation I.e. 5,000 for Bronze, 10,000 for Silver, 20,000 for Gold,
50,000 for Diamond and 100,000 for Ruby plan.
• Simply click the View Dream Page button to see your network dashboard.
• The system is easy to sign up and its mobile responsive.
• Donation is paid to individual account as assigned by the system.
• Payee, on receiving payment from a payer, is required to preview the the teller if any and confirm the user within 24 hours.
• On successful registration, payer is expected to pay to the assigned payee within 48 hours, else the user will be deactivated.
• Payment confirmation is made within 24 hours of receiving payment from a payer, otherwise your account will be deactivated.
• No refund of payment.
• Communication about the donation, rejection and approval is between you and the payee only.
• Scanned or captured tellers must be of a good picture quality. and it must be uploaded to payee for confirmation as soon as possible
• Your login credentials must be properly secured. we disclaim any responsibility arising from the effect of compromise
• The payment method involved are through bank payment, transfer and cash at hand.
• In the case of cash at hand, and transfer the payer is advised to upload a picture of an approval note for the payee to confirm
• All disagreements and problems will be manually handled by system administrator. kindly use the livechat support handle on your
• If you are a payer, your account deactivation timer never stops counting down until your teller has been confirmed.
• Always call your upline and ensure he/she can log into his account and can confirm your payment immediately, before you pay.
• Never confirm anyone when you haven’t seen alert as DonWEALTH will not be held responsible for any loss arising from such.
• Please we need you to recognize the fact that we are not ponzi scheme, we are a group of professions interested in serving
your will to make donations to people. and utilize your returns in business and investment purposes.
• If you intend to advertise your product with DonWEALTH, simply contact the admin using the live chat module.