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HOW TO TRANSFER BITCOINS TO RECEIVER? Login in your blockchain wallet. Click on “Send Money” button Enter Bitcoin address of receiver. Enter amount of Bitcoins. Click on “Send Payment” button. Done!  

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1. LOCALBITCOINS.COM Here bitcoin buyers and sellers meet online. You do not need to make KYC (Know-Your-Customer) procedures. KYC is a normal requirement of exchange services. Be careful and only buy from traders with positive reviews.     2. BITX BitX operates Bitcoin exchanges in several countries around the world. You can securely …

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It’s very easy and simple to create and use wallets on Follow the link Click on “Wallet” button Click on “Create a new wallet” button       Enter e-mail. Enter password. Confirm the password. Click on “Continue” button.       Write down, make a screenshot or print the mnemonic password (in the red …

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From now on, there is an opportunity for all of the participants of MMM Nigeria to acquire Mavro-50% when you provide help in Bitcoin. Mavro-50% work under the same rules as Mavro-30%. For example, all bonuses are rewarding to them according to the normal procedure. Bitcoin is an international digital currency. Bitcoin transactions take a …

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