Blessed Givers : Register on and get double of your money.

Blessed Givers : Register on and get double of your money.


This is unarguably, one of the best peer to peer donation platforms we shall ever meet online. It has the following features:

1. It is hosted on a very secured unlimited dedicated server to avoid cyber/DDoS attacks or emergence upgrades.
2. It has features that protects participants’ donations to ensure they are not cyber-begged or cyber-bullied but paid.
3. It is based on 2:1 fast matrix where you get double of whatever you donate.
4. It has packages that suits everyone. They include: 5k, 10k, 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k, 150k.
5. It is managed by experienced web developers who knows what it means to lose money online and are passionate about helping people to regain their lost finance and achieve their set goals.
6. You have 3 hours to pay after registration and merging is 100% automated and very fast.
7. You can begin from the lower amount to the higher ones. Just try and see. This package has come to stay! DO NOT LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS YOU BY.

Hurry now to

Click Here to Register on Blessed Givers.


145 thoughts on “Blessed Givers : Register on and get double of your money.”

  1. Naracle is a peer-to-peer money donating platform where members donate N1500 to get back N6000 within a maximum of 3days,and members can make up to N40,000 in a week.

    How does it work?
    As soon as you register on Naracle,you are given someone to pay 1500 to and 12hours to pay the money. After payment,your account will be prepared to receive 1500 donation from 4members of Naracle to total 6000. This pairing can be as fast as a few hours to 3days maximum,making Naracle the fastest pairing platform in Nigeria and by upgrading to the next level you can make up to 40k in a week. Wait no further,register now with this link and watch your income grow like wild fire:

    Join our Naracle train and grow your income faster than expected.

    1. Fake naracle.. you people should not risk ur money dia…. Who have ear shuld hear ooo….is the same person who used many account with different names to do advertisement

      1. If you want to get ur 6000k within hours, U can bring pple., but if you Dnt have pple, the system wud merge u wit 4pple within 1week of registration. Bringing pple is not compulsory in naracle.

        1. Na fat lie. Naracle is fake and big time scam. I registered since 23rd of february,uptil now no show. Forget them.

    1. What happened to the blessed givers I paid since Three weeks now and till now I haven’t been matched for someone to pay me what happened instead I’m seeing “this account has been currently suspended”

  2. If the admin of this so called blessed giver will not verify issues before taking decision then I do not think it worth it at all because anyone could be a victim of what I experienced tonight. I registered and pledged 10k to one Somto with ecobank acct within 2mins, the money had left my acct but she could not be patient for just few mins for the money to get into acct account. All she did was to report that I refused to pay her even after sending her my transaction Alert to confirm payment and truthfulness. I tried logging on just any 15mins afterwards and am being told I can no longer login. What rubbish is this? The admin should create a link to reach them fast and remove the restrictions on my acct.

  3. Has any one received cash back from blessed giver,I make a donation yesterday morning at about 7 am in Cashmetal up till now I am still not pair for payment, Hope blessed giver is different

    1. On blessed givers I register last WK 150000 since yesterday when the merged b4 u kwn the will back out today the merged people up to 6this last people uploaded that the have paid when d have not reported to support no way please help who shd I go to

  4. Mehn dis blessed givers isnt blessed @ all,dis guys are d craziest set of scammers so far. Immediately after registering I received a call from 1 micheal who i was paired to pay and I was yet to even login to my account. Immediately after making payment my account was blocked.i advice u not 2 try dis guys out,dey are crazy scammers.

  5. pls why the number in the queue is going up and down, my number was at 206 and 207,before the next hour the change to 209 and 210,pls i need someone to answer me?

  6. Blessed giver and cash rollers are fraud, I think it’s same group of greedy men that are running it, after payment they you on a queue that keep bouncing down and money and my sisters money is still tied down there.

    1. You people should not mind this idiots that’s saying they have paid them is a liar ooo… They’re the same people. They use different names to decive people to register when you register your money will vanish.blessed givers scamers run for your dear life

        1. All these Ponzi scheme are here to defraud innocent nigerians, beware. When they come they only pay few people then they organise a syndicate which will upload fake POP and their support never works. Blessed givers, naracle, 99naira….are all scam

  7. Please does anyone knows about Nairaspring, this people refused to match me with anybody since last week and they said is within 48 hours. Hope I will still regain my money back

  8. blessed givers its real.. they paid me today less than 36hrs. they are real. just one fake nneka 08039494438 who uploaded fake payments made me not get my money complete. guys please always check uploaded payment and wait for alert before confirming anyone..

    1. Same tin happened to me, one Kenny uploaded a fake payment teller and I refused to confirm him, since then he has not been removed. I don’t know next to do, pls someone should help me.

  9. @ Dorcas. When u put your money in a ponzi scheme and come shouting it’s a scam, how do u expect to get paid. By the time you discourage people with your negative words who do you expect to put in their money so u could get paid.? I think blessedgivers is fair enough in their dealings by showing positions even if it is fluctuating. They said 5mins to 14 days. So why not be patient. If the position is not there you will just keep quiet and be calm till they pay you.

    1. @chrisbestman I did not say they are scam, I only complained on how the numbers on the queue keeps fluctuating and pls go get check my comments, I have never used any negative word there…..

  10. don’t wait for your turn to be paid , be here and be talking bull crap … Like its only you that is on on the platform .

    Abeggi blessed givers remain Blessed ojere

  11. Why did they remove the queue counter on cashroller. Pls let the queue return because it shows some level of transparency. Return the queue count.

    1. That’s what you are a Scammer idiot stop collecting people’s hard earned money. Guys you people should be careful of site naracle

  12. i have been matched with two guys to pay me, one have paid and the other uploaded a fake payment proof, and is asking me to confirm him, that he will pay, he is not serious, my problem here is how do i remove him there, so i can be match with another person, the guy is just blocking me from getting cash.

  13. one ekoli uploaded fake pop . how do I report him. the other person has paid . but I have been waiting to see where I can report the issue

  14. @ahmed same thing happened to me. just click on d news u will see how to go abt it. mine its still pending only one paid the stupid girl uploaded fake payment

  15. Iam looking for two more ph and gh scheme, iam with one already which I can say they are the best ,I personally invite you to join me on twinkas they have promo going on now which is 300% of you investment,let me know the one that is working for you pls

  16. Ayomikun:26:02:2017.l have not received complete payment and my account was blocked… how can l recycle,this is not the term of blessed blessed givers not monitoring the platform to actually know when to block a giver.l have not received complete payment and my account has been blocked, what are you going to do about it,don’t discourage people with this… the more people the better.Please be more organized

  17. Blessed givers is hot and fund receivers is back hot and sure. Quickly register on fund to recieve your double back within 24hrs…

  18. I just registered and am merged already but the person am supposed to pay to has her phone switched off…… And my time Wud soon elapse, can’t even find any admins number to lay complaints

      1. I and 2 of my friends registered on blessed givers on Thursday 23-2-2017 with the sum of 10k, 10k and 50k respectively, then on Friday we got paid because 10k is faster than 50k but one of 50k got today 27-2-2017 monday

  19. Pls I need information on how to go about what I just experienced. I joined blessed this afternoon and was merged to pay sum1, I did make payment and called the person so she can confirm me.
    I uploaded the pop . I even sent the debited alert to her cos she said she hasn’t gotten alert…
    After some hours I’m trying to log in so I can see if she has confirmed me . But to my surprise it says my account has been blocked from logging in.
    How do I contact support when I can’t log in.. kindly tell me how to go about it. Thanks .

  20. I dont understand, pls how long does it take to merge one for payment in blessed giver. I registered and ph on friday 24 but uptill now i have not gh and im still on queue 255

  21. Is blessed givers for real…. Why am i not getting the same success story like others. I have not been paidoooooo n i intend to recycle if been paid.

  22. if you want trustworthy ponzi scheme, go to twinkas ,you will surely be paid no matter the situation. is the evergreen site. twinkas is the best .just login to twinkas. org to register. “twinks ni joo , twinkas ni jare”

  23. I am on 25k and is moving all I need is to have patient and support dem. For nw there is nothing wrong with de site, for de up and down movement it becos of defaulter ppl who were not able to make payment. And also de more ppl DAT register de faster it get to u, DAT why other scheme give bonuses to refers @ndsworld.

    1. The queue number goes up and down because some people are not able to meet the 3hrs payment time and the person they were merged to pay to will be returned to the queue

  24. Enter Message Here. I pH since friaday10k.and hv been on d queue.d queue keep going up and down as if is not moving.I don’t understand.

  25. I now understand the concept of the queue very well. I was 1 and 2, and they matched me with 2 people who uploaded fake pop. As I reported the removed them and brought me back into the queue, which will now push others backward. So there is no fowl play there

  26. I pledge help since in Friday up till now am still on quene and the number is going up and down. I don’t understand what going on.


  28. I think Naracle is still fast,cheaper nd reliable….. I joined and av gotten my 6000 today by providing help of 1,500……… register now
    ….U stand to collect all your money in a day if you can bring your downlines,but if you can’t the system merges you with people to pay you…register with that link because we work as a team,to make our downlines as fast as possible…Some people are complaining because dey did not register with an active link….whatsapp me on 09091100031 if you are interested

  29. is the best paying and reliable site.
    Pays fast, reliable support centre, you can follow them up on twitter and chat with your blessed givers, has a queue number which you can follow up to predict when you will be paid. When your number runs to zero you will be paid
    Not a hit and run site
    Give and blessed today.
    You can reach me, 08105812957
    Let’s keep promoting this site, it will last longer with that

    1. Pls, why is the queue always going up n down. The person that introduce me to this blessed givers has been paid why is mine on queue 4 n 5 for the pass days now and it keeps going up n down. Pls something should be done about this cos some people out there are still ready to invest their money.

  30. have u guys heard of blessed givers, twinkas, tetrismart and veveed cash. your money is safe in these sites. safeguard your money today

  31. Pls, why is the queue always going up n down. The person that introduce me to this blessed givers has been paid why is mine on queue 4 n 5 for the pass days now and it keeps going up n down. Pls something should be done about this cos some people out there are still ready to invest their money.

  32. I pledge help 10k since on the 24 February and was on queue no 600and something up till now have not been paid and the worst part of it can’t even access my account, pls guys what is going on?

  33. Enter Message Here
    blessed givers is real n still works…. call me on 07013751306 to help u get merge in 72hours

  34. Is blessed givers still paying? I pledged 25k since last month, up till now have been merged and today I can’t login, saying my account have been suspended!!

  35. Nawah oh I don’t even know why I’m not lucky when it comes to all these ponzi schemes. I registered since 2ND of this month yesterday was exactly 3weeks I registered and paid someone since that day I have not been matched for payment all I was seeing was you are on th queue which kept going front and back. When the claim that the payment is within 72hrs or on or before 14days since yesterday each time I login I will see “this account has been currently been blocked” for real? Please someone should reply or tell me what to do please

  36. all this scheme are fake, blessedgivers shut down when my queue number is 13 and I invested 200k, profitcycle said they pay within 7days and is more than 26days I have 50k no show, ogafunds has my 75k and their master MMM has my 100k. Only twinkas that keeps me alive and I want use the medium to apologize to twinkas for doubting them all because I wanted quick money and cost me all that money I got from twinkas. God bless twinkas and long live

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