Alert! Loopers club is Back!

Hey Loopers , as you may already know, Loopers club‘s website was attacked today by hackers and beacuse of that the site went offline for almost six hours. However, we are happy to inform you that Loopers club is BACK! However, they were not able to recover all the lost data. Read thier press statement below to get all the details.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We have been working very hard to recover lost data. We have recovered 90% of the lost data and we would be online shortly. The remaining 10% of lost data couldn’t be fully restored and hence would be recovered manually.

Here are the things you need to know. When you login, you will be required to update your details. A separate session is only meant for participants that made payments between 7am Saturday 11th Feb till date. Only fill the payment session if you have truely made payment. Your account will be permanently blocked if you try to game the system.

Registration of new users is currently disabled to enable us sort out some issues. Registration will be restored Tues 14th Feb by 12noon.

All participants that made payments between 7am Sat Feb 11th should login to the site and update their information.  If you fail to do this before 12Noon Tuesday 14th Feb, we might find it really difficult to help you.

Once again, we thank you for your understanding. We are totally committed to making the platform robust and secure for you.

40 thoughts on “Alert! Loopers club is Back!”

      1. Please admin , i wanted to loop for 5k As i saw loop again on my page now I am merged to pay temitope azdua 100k , I paid Anthony enighotu 100k and I have not had returns please help me cancel the payment to temitope azdua so I can be paid, my time is running so as to stop it being canceled thanks

    1. This morning on my page I saw loop again and I wanted to loop for 5k, unfortunately I was merged to pay 100k to temitope adzua please help me cancel temitope adzua because I have not received my 100k I invested which I paid to Anthony enighotu thanks.

    1. Please i have done the update and yet its still showing awaiting confirmation what should i do as mails to admin are unanswered. Grateful at a quick response.

  1. please I’m still waiting for response from loopers support on payment of 100,000 made into Sibo Inemi Dennis account on Monday. my phone no is 08028169973

  2. I cannot log into my account anymore. I registered on Saturday 11th Feb, was paired immediately to pay 20k which I did same day. After updating my account in Tuesday 14th Feb, I could not log in to my account. It says ” these credentials do not match our records” inukwa!!! Abeg oh somebody help me mbok

  3. Same issue here I made payment on Saturday for 200k and my status showed waiting to be merged before the issue came up. I completed the status and payment update and also sent mails showing proof of payment yet no response. Saw the same red alert to loop or my account will be deactivated whereas I haven’t been merged to collect mine. Really don’t understand what’s going on

  4. Hello admin, I have updated my payment details as instructed. But up till now,my account hasn’t been upgraded and placed on the payment queue. What do I do

  5. please am just reading this now about the hack, among those who made payment on sat, and i can’t log in does it mean my account has been deleted? you mean i have lost my money?

  6. Pls admin, kindly assist me. I registered on 13-02-2017 and was merged to pay the same day.after the update I could not log on gives me exception that my credentials does not exist. Pls can someone help me .pls

  7. Pls Admin I paid yesterday to some one in loopers immediately I paid I can no longer access my page again , thy said my credential does not match . pls help me

  8. Please how do I get my mm oney back? I uploaded my information, yet it still shows 0 balance. Is there any way I can reach this people?

  9. I can’t log in to my account again.i registered and paid 100k on 11th Feb.its saying credentials do not match record.ive sent nos of mails to support but no response till this how my 100k will go in this hard time in naija?Pls help out do you update ur details when you can’t even log in?Save a soul.

  10. Hello admin… It’s over 14days I made payment out NW and up till NW haven’t been mergerd to get paid as well … Pls wots d problem?

  11. I paid 100k to Anthony enighotu which loopers merged me with. and .that same day while I was trying to update they merged me with another person egu obiageli to pay again while the 100k I paid I have not been merged to be paid. please I need your help now.

  12. Hi, my name is OPEYEMI BOLANLE FALODE and my number is 09090206043 Please i urgently need to stop my loop again request as I mistakenly clicked on the link while trying to log out of my account. I already looped on 17/02/17 and still waiting to receive my earnings. Please help in reversing the loop again because I don’t have any money to pay. Waiting to hear from you. Thank you.

  13. I made this payment on the 11th and have mailed to loopers for verification yet I can’t log into my account. The page tells me that my credentials do not match their records. Pls kindly rectify it.
    Account number paid to: 4651120639
    Account name paid to: Uko Vivian onyekachi.
    Phone number of the participant: 0703……….
    Current package: silver package (#20,000).

  14. i have waited almost 14days, fortunately my account has been restored today, am been asked to loop again else account will be blocked in days,after i have not gotten payment for the first one.. please am i to ignore that message or what?

  15. I made a payment on the 13 of February instead of me been marged to receive ….I was marged to pay the sum of 100k please help me out am r uning out of time

  16. I loop on February 9 initially the system was counting days and hours to be merge for payment and later on it change to you will receive payment between 5mins-14 day of loop and if I can re loop again all will be merge together pls I need to be merge with the previous.

  17. Good morning! Pls when is loopers coming back? My 400k is still pending. I don’t need you to double it to 800k, just my 400k pls loopers when will your site reopen?

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