MoneyIsRelevant: Register on and double your income.

MoneyIsRelevant: Register on and double your income.

MONEYISRELEVANT is a community of philanthropist who believes that “the more you give the more you receive”.


Pick one out of the five(5) charitable programs you want to partake in per day.


FG Goes After MMM, Ultimate Cycler, Other Ponzi Schemes

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) on Friday, said it was going to clamp down on internet abuses by various forms of Ponzi schemes such as the Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, MMM, Ultimate Cycler, Givers Forum and more.

According to Vanguard, Mr Sunday Folayan, the President of NIRA, made this known in a statement in Lagos.

He said:

”If you discover any form of Internet abuse with .ng websites please send an email to We will deal with it. ”Together we can make the internet safe for us and our children,’’ he said.
According to him, most Nigerians are being defrauded by various forms of Ponzi schemes while the fraudsters are operating under various names and platforms.He said that many had fallen victims as the schemes had impoverished more people than they claimed to have helped. He, however, said that the scammers were feeding on the greed of the people and the poor economic situation to lure more victims.

He added that this was in spite of warning by the Federal Government that Nigerians should not invest or get involved in such fraudulent schemes. Folayan said that recently, innocent people’s contact details such as phone numbers and emails, were being used as administrative contacts for these schemes.

According to him, the victims of the identity theft only get to know when defrauded victims start calling and demanding for payments. He said that several people had received threatening phone calls regarding their fate, if they do not pay up. Folayan said that NIRA had taken concrete steps to further assist law enforcement agencies to deal with the menace.

Peer Funding: Register on and double your money.

We introduce you to a new Ponzi scheme website –

As the name implies PeerFunding is a crowd funding, fund raising community.

Peer Funding Nigeria is like Donation Hub but somehow different but uses the same ideology.

Let’s say you have N50,000 and you have a project to fund which is N60,000+ , you can go to the website, fund someone project and wait to be funded within 2-10 days plus 30% interest.

This is better than those 48 hours schemes that promises to double your money overnight.

About PeerFunding


PeerFunding (Review) – How does it work?

  • You register (click here to register)
  • After Registration, you are given free $10 as a member.
  • You don’t provide help here, you fund someone’s project by donating to the person’s bank account and requesting for payment confirmation, you will also be paired with someone who will fund your project by donating to you.
  • You get $15 referral bonus, it will be available when your downline donates to someone, and it will be available for withdrawal when you create a project to receive donation.

PeerFunding is really cool to try out…

Wait… Know these things

  1. The donation list is released from 12AM – 7PM
  2. The List is released at 1 hour interval… Example when a list is released around 12AM it will be removed after 5 mins which it will be released again around 1PM.
  3. You have to be fast and have a strong internet connection because many people are trying to make donation at the same time.
  4. The donation list only lasts for 5mins, which you won’t be able to reserve someone, you have to wait till the next list.
  5. The donation currency is in Dollar, you can make payment in Naira –> $1 is N500 , all you do is multiply the amount by 500, that’s what you will pay to the person.
  6. How to donate, click fund project in the menu and select the amount you are capable of paying in the list.
  7. Read the facts above and you won’t encounter problem using the platform


Yes, there is a WhatsApp group created by Cyberwaver for this platform.

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The WhatsApp group is meant for you to ask questions or answer questions concerning Peer Funding.

The Group is meant for those that registers with the link in this article, I will be notified of your registration using my link.

How do I Join the Group

The WhatsApp group link will be sent to the phone number you used in registering for peer funding. You can simply use that link to join the WhatsApp group.

Here is how to register Registration

Then click register on the page, you should see “Cyberwaver” in the sponsor box, don’t change it, if you do, I won’t be able to send the WhatsApp group chat link to you. Leave Cyberwaver there and continue with the registration.

An activation link will be sent to your mailbox which you have to click the link in the mail to activate your account.

Peer Funding Login

Click this link to login to your account

Hot and Paying Fast: Register on now and get paid in Hours.

Update: the N200,000 andN350,000 packages were launched on the 3rd of March and they are the fastest currently.

Hot and Paying Fast: Register on now and get paid in Hours. It was launched by 10pm this night o1 of March 2017 is the latest Ponzi paying platform. It just launched this night and has already filled the mouths of several participants with testimonies. Hurry now and claim your financial testimony.

The platform has been built on a very secured firmware to prevent any type of cyber attack.  There are no rooms for cyber beggars and cyber bullies. A trial will convince you.

Available packages include:

Student Account: 5000 to get 10000
Standard Account: 15000 to get 30000
Premium Account: 30000 to get 60000
Professional Account: 50000 to get 100000
Business Account: 75000 to get 150000
Ultimate Account: 100000 to get 200000
Crystal Account: 150000 to get 300000

Just before you Register

Click here to Register on

If you can’t make payment within 3 hours and if you can’t wait to be paid between 5mins and 2weeks, please don’t open a Savet Bank Account.
• This platform is meant for serious minded people who have functional mobile banking.
• Savet bankers should make sure they have the amount they want to invest before registration. There’s room for recycling, so no need for multiple accounts.
• After registering, choose the account you want to bank with and call your fellow Savet banker before and after payment for confirmation.
• Savet Bankers have 1hr 30mins to make payment otherwise the account involved will be blocked and the Savet banker who is to receive payment will be automatically rematched to receive from a more serious Savet banker.
• Savet banker who do not want to continue can decline payment by clicking I CAN’T BANK to be disabled. Such banker can contact the admin to be reactivated through the active support system.
• Payment is on first come first serve basis of banking and your number on the queue will be displayed on your dashboard. After receiving payment, you have only a day to recycle or face automatic expulsion from the system.
• Don’t confirm before receiving payment, report FAKE POP and CYBER BEGGARS to the admins immediately you notice them and an investigation and possible eviction will be carried out. Do not abuse the PURGE button.
• Referral is not a necessity for your payment but referrals attract the sum of #1000 each which can be withdrawn after referring 12 people. So share the good news of Savet Bank on various social media.
We can make Savetbank last for years and this can always be done by inviting people over to bank with us. You are solely responsible for your loss and your gain. So bank with us only with your spare money.

We are here to make you feel better.

Update: the N200,000 andN350,000 packages were launched on the 3rd of March and they are the fastest currently.

Click here to Register on

5 Things To Watch Out for In 2017 JAMB

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB 2017) has made some major changes in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) for 2017.

We updated some information on the examination earlier. More adjustments have however been made, and these are some of the things that will happen this year, that have never happened before:

1. Fourth Choice
JAMB 2017 has also introduced a fourth choice of school option for candidates but would only be able to select only one government school while filling out their forms online.

2. No choosing of public university
The following was also announced: The new registration platform will now be first choice, second choice, third choice and fourth choice and not most preferred, preferred etc as it was.

Candidates’ first choice can be a College, University, Innovative Enterprises Institutions or Polytechnic/Monotechnic. However, if a candidate makes a Public University his first choice, he will not have any public University to choose for 2nd, 3rd and 4th choice.

He will have on the remaining three choices, a College, a Polytechnic, Private University and IEI’S. However, candidates for the 2017 UTME can now select NCE (College) or ND (Polytechnic/ Monotechnic) as their 1st choice up to 3rd choice and the 4th IEI.

They can select the IEI (Innovative Enterprise Institution, ND) as their 1st choice up to the 4th choice, but can only pick a public university once.

3. JAMB form sold late
The organizers of the major examinations in the country, including JAMB met to avoid a clash in schedules and in order to have a harmonized timetable.

An agreement was reached at the national headquarters of the Board in Abuja on Tuesday, January 24, after a meeting with National Examination Council (NECO), West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Business and Technical Examination (NABTEB) to harmonize the timetable.

This is one reason the registration is yet to begin.

4. Mock UTME
While speaking the body also announced that plans were in place for a mock UTME and this might explain the delay in beginning the sales of the examination forms. So if you are preparing, start your preparations now, so you can do well in both the mock and the real deal.

5. No scratch card
Speaking on the issue of scratch card, the registrar explained that one reason for the delay was due to issues the board had with sale of scratch cards.

He said that whereas candidates used to buy scratch cards to access the forms online previously, they planned to cancel that since it had been abused thoroughly.

According to Daily Trust, he said: “What we want to do is for students to pay directly to government coffers and we are working out the process of doing so to avoid the type of abuse that it has been subjected to.

“So, we want to sell directly and to make sure that candidates pay into TSA account. We have cases of students saying their scratch cards got burnt, others saying their scratch cards were swallowed by snakes or lost in an accident.”

Register on PairMe and get 50% in 30 days.


PairMe is a mutual aid platform, crowd funding website in Nigeria where a participant declare willingness to provide and Get Help from other participant.

Yes! It gives 50% in 30 days in your local currency (Naira)

What makes It Unique?

It makes use of standard technology to bring people together…


It is the only platform that uses SMS Notification on GH, PH and other activities.

It will automatically notify you of your PH been matched and your GH been matched which means you won’t have any excuse of not knowing when you are matched.


About PairMe

Official website –>

Birth Date –> 23rd December, 2016 (According to Whois)

PairMe Review

  • Minimum PH —> N5,000
  • Maximum PH —> N3,000,000 (3 Million Naira)
  • Phone number verification –> Your phone number will be verified during registration, please use an active phone number
  • Automated System –> PH and GH matching is done automatically by the system.
  • Safe and Secured Platform –> Your personal detailed is in a safe hands, of course you can see the green padlock icon in the address bar of the website. It uses a strong SSL certificate that hides your details from hackers.
  • Referral Bonus –> You are not forced to bring people to the system before you receive your payment but you get an extra commission when you refer people and the thing is you get it till your 3rd generation.
You get 10% direct bonus (those your bring directly)

You get 5% Downline’s Downlines (2nd generation)

You also get 3% Downline’s downline’s downlines (3rd generation)… Cool isn’t it? Tell your friends about it and earn more.

You will be matched anytime any day, don’t try to outsmart the system because you might loose your account in the process.


So… How do I join the platform

Very easy…

PairMe Registration

Click here to register

PairMe Login


Progress stat on PairMe.. 56% loading…

I am still testing PairMe which I have been matched to redeem pledge.

You can join me together let’s make this platform a source of income for us all…

Yea! I love risk and that’s why I am always a step forward… Don’t put your eggs in one basket…

Pairme is here to stay…

Click here to register

I will update this article when I cashout… Thanks!

Capita2x : Register on and double your money.

Capita2x : Register on and double your money.Capita2x is a

Capita2x is a money-doubling scheme just like TwinKas and the rest, the best time to try it out is now because its still new. How works.

Birth Date –-> 24th, February, 2017 (According to Whois) Its a platform that promises to double your money at least in 14 days…One thing I like about the website is the structure, design and modus operandi (mode of operation) On other money doubling platforms,you are matched as soon as you register to pay someone but I assure you, liberty funds is damn different…I took a bold step, I selected the N30k package, I was matched to pay after few hours, after 3days I received prompt payment from the 2 people matched to pay me… Cool isn’t it?

You select a package from the list of the following packages on this platformN10,000 –> N20,000..N30,000 –> N60,000
N50,000 –> N100,000…Ready to try Capita2x? Are you still doubting? Yes! I was doubting not until I saw my friends cashing out, I decided to go big and I have recycled now, I am waiting to be matched…


Take the risk let’s see how it goes.

Click here to Register