Join NairaTab and make N110,000 within two weeks

Nairatab gives you the opportunity to accumulate up to 110,000naira within two weeks. In Nairatab you start with (N5, 000) and grow this figure to 110,000naira in two weeks
Now how do you do this?
Nairatab is a 4×3 forced matrix.
You sign up for free on NairaTab … be financially free and you are placed on level 0. The system gives you 24 hours to upgrade to level 1. To upgrade to level 1 you donate 5,000 to your sponsor.

Stage 1
The system will randomly gives you 4 people by our mutual fund automation system in which they will also donate 5,000naira each into bank account provided. (N5, 000 ×4 = N20, 000).

Stage 2
From the N20,000 donated to you in stage 1, you will upgrade to stage 2 with N10,000 in which another 4 people will be randomly matched with you to donate N10,000 each. (N10, 000 ×4 = N40, 000).

Stage 3
From the N40,000 donated to you in stage 3, you will again upgrade to stage 3 with N20,000 in which another 4 people will be randomly matched with you to donated N20,000 each. . (N20, 000 ×4 = N80, 000).

Register on NairaTab …be financially free
At this point you will have make a total profit of N10,000 + N20,000 + N80,000 = N110,000

The benefit of our model is that our system will automatically move you from stage 3 to stage one to start the cycle again and the process starts again until you are tired of making money.
Which means you can make a 2 completed cycle with a month which is a total of N110,000 X 2 = N220,000 monthly.

NOTE: There is referral bonus of N500 for anyone that registered via your link just as a compensation for advertising of program. And payment of referral bonuses is paid after accumulating to N5000.

Also note referral has nothing to do with your matching as it is only for compensation, doesn’t enhance your speed of payment. Everyone is equal on NAIRATAB

N/B: If you are not sure of the process; please join the social media platform for more information
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Register on Naija Cash and make N20,000 from just N5,000


Gbam pay 5,000 to get 20,000

Our registration is free

Visit to register

1. Once registered, a message is sent to your email inbox or spam.

2. Upon activation our system will search for a member that you will donate or pay N5,000 naira to within 24 hours. Note you will be unable to login within this period.

3. Once a member is found you will get a message in the inbox of your NAIJA CASH dashboard and in your email. The message will give the details of the member you are to donate or pay your N5,000 naira. Please always check your spam or your inbox just in case.

4. Once your recepient confirms your payment, four (4) other members will be assigned to you that will pay N5,000 naira each to your account giving you N20,000.

Note = You don’t need to refer any body to get paid

You are expected to Pay the Money within 48 hours of receiving the message, failure to do so will lead to your account being removed from the NAIJACASH platform.

5. Once you pay the money to another member, simply reply the message from NAIJACASH in your dashboard inbox using this format:

*”Payment sent to (Recipient Username) e.g Payment sent to (nonyerem)*

Note: Your recipient confirm your payment from his/her Dashboard using this format:

Under Compose Message in his/her dashboard

Send To (naijacash)

Subject: Payment Received from (donor username)

Message: Payment Receives from (donor username)


Naija Cash gives you N5,000 Naira for every 10 members referred by you once they donate to other members in the platform.


Once you have received your N20,000 naira, your account will be removed from our dashboard. Then you can register again with the same email. You cannot use one email for two account.

You can always send an email to for any enquiry