Cash Metals : Register on and make double of your money.

Cash Metals : Register on and make double of your money.

Launch Date : 21 February 2017


All donations are made directly to member bank account.

After you have successfully signed up, it is required of you to activate and donate the sum of either N10,000 N20,000 N50,000 N100,000 and 200,000 to a fellow member assigned by the system.

You are given a short time to make the required payment, call the person to confirm your payment.

The member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people to pay directly into your bank account each,they will pay you your joining amount each.

Now it’s your time to be in front of the global wave. Take Acton and get on board the cashmetalsPay phenomenon!.

Click here to Register on CashMetals

UPDATE on Loopers Club

We wish to apologize to anyone that felt ignored on any of our support channels.  It wasn’t our intention to ignore anyone. We were simply overwhelmed by the messages and we couldn’t respond to all.

We have always remained transparent and open with what we are doing and how we hope to solve the issues. In this post, we will outline the changes and updates that we will roll out in the next 2-3 days.

To give a perspective of what happened to the loopers platform. We had a DDOS attack which ended up corrupting some of the user data on the platform. It affected users that made payments between Saturday 11th February and Monday 13th February.

We have since asked users to update their accounts to allow for the recovery of some of the corrupted data. It has so far being a very tedious process and has slowed things down a lot. Read below to find some of the things we are implementing to solve the problems. We couldn’t continue with emails because it was impossible attending to the thousands of emails we got.

For participants that didn’t get the chance to update their accounts.

In our previous posts, we asked users to update their accounts.  Some claimed they didn’t get the chance to update theirs. If you fall into this category, click here and fill out the form.

For participants that their accounts were blocked even though they promptly made their payments.

If you fall into this category, click here and fill out the form.

Please note that this is for participants that had their accounts blocked after the system was brought back online.

If you try to login and you get an “invalid credential” error, kindly note that you may have been blocked.

For participants seeing incorrect “Total paid amount” on their PO

kindly click here to fill the form.

Important notice for users that were affected by the attack.
  1. We will isolate all affected users to allow us to focus and sort the issues properly. (this is a manual process and it expected to take a bit of time)
  2. Affected users will gradually be paid within the next 20days.
  3. As an incentive for affected user, any new PH will be prioritized. This means that if they provide any donation into the system, they will be merged to be paid within 24hrs.
  4. The incentive will last for the next 2 loops of affected participants. The first PH will be merged within 24hrs and the second donation on affected account will be merged within 48hrs.
For issues with scammers and malicious users
  1. A typical scammer will put up fake phone numbers or make himself incommunicado.
  2. We will add a “report as SCAM” button to the payment cards to enable users report all suspected scammers even before they made payments. All suspected scammers will automatically be profiled as scammers and their profile will be published for all users to see. Reported users would be removed from the system.
  3. Loopers club will never pair you with participant outside the platform (Your PO).
  4. Ignore all form of SMS and email asking you that your account is about to be blocked etc.
About Loopers Day
  1. Loopers day is coming up on Friday 24th of February 2017.
  2. We will introduce new packages.
  3. On loopers day, there would be a fresh queue across all packages. this will last for a period of 24hrs.
Final Notes

We do not want to leave a bitter taste in anyone’s mouth. If you follow through all our updates, you will notice that we are very committed to sustaining the system and making it work. These measures we have outlined are necessary to keep the system alive.  Apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused you.


Loopers Team.

Esusu : Register on and earn100% of your donation in less than 24 Hours.

Esusu : Register on  and earn100% of your donation in less than 24 Hours.

How Esusu Works

Esusu is much more than a peer-to-peer donation system. Members call it a GAME because you can be lucky enough to earn 100% of your donation in less than 24 Hours.

Once you signup, you have 24 Hours to donate on any level and 48 Hours to reDonate back on any level after you have confirmed payment. The system auto-locks accounts of defaulters for 2 weeks. .

Members have the right after 8 Hours, to reject payments made by persons who are not ready and capable to donate. After the rejection of two payments’, accounts of said donors would be auto-locked and their expected earnings would be pending so as to prevent fraudulent activities in the system.

Unlike others, we embark on nonstop ads on different media platforms. Our referral payment is instant.

Build the dream

We made it easy for members to earn daily, if only your time worth money

Quick Support

You can reach us through the chat. Or better still, use the contact form or message us on Facebook. Please don’t share your login details with anyone.

Instant ₦24,000 Per 5 Referral

You can earn much more if you refer people. ₦24,000 per 5 people; ₦48,000 per 10 people and it never stops. Payments are made within 24hours.

Automated & Secure System

There is NOBODY doing the matching or pairing process. It’s all done by the system instantly. Esusu is a secure system and we promise 90% uptime.

Click here to Register

CashPipe: Register on! and make 100% of your donation.

CashPipe: Register on! and make 100% of your donation. It’s paying very fast now.

Super-charge Your account balance 100% return on the gift 1hr – 18days Super-charge your account balance into Cash pipe today!


Just register and present and the system will automatically allocate two participants to pay. Cash pipe is similar Loopers Club but quickly.

How CashPipe Activities?

A CashPipe, all donations made directly to the merchant bank account.

• After you have successfully signed up, is required of you to activate and donate the sum of either N10,000 N25,000 N50,000 N75,000 N100,000 N250,000 N350,000 to fellow m makes the system or direct link.

• They approach would ensure free, and then the system will automatically put 2 other registered people under spillovers that will be paid directly into your bank account each, your entered amount. You get 2 times daily gift category you choose to play.

• Cash pipes made Mika pay. After you have received payment from 2 people, the system will automatically Exit and allows unlimited registration. however, requires a number on you on a package in 36hours after you cycled out or the user account will be blocked.

• It really noticed that the return of a prize will be presented at 18 days, we ask that you exercise patience. While you wait, you can use the link to invite family and friends and 5% of the amount of free choice to activate.

Here Are CashPipe Packages

A different CashPipe Packages are as given below:

1. Basic pipe

your gift


You get paid


2. Standard pipe

your gift



You get paid


3. Fire pipe

your gift


You get paid


4. Premium pipe

your gift


You get paid


5. King tube

your gift


You get paid


6. Sky pipe

your gift


You get paid


  1. Baller pipe

your gift


You get paid


Terms and Conditions

  • Please amount you promised to prepare. Do not pledge a certain amount and you do not, your account will be blocked if you do not pay the debt.
  • Its easy to make payments using internet banking. Fair go to your bank and on your internet banking.
  • Always make sure the money is coming up in your account before you make a rival pay.
  • You only have 10 hours to pay. If you do not pay withing 10hrs, your account will be permanently blocked.
  • Do not make a payment, if you have time for. Always login to your PO to make sure you still have time to do the payment.
  • A standard subscription window is between 7 – 18 days. Finally, our support team is very variable. Contact our support via the website, twitter, facebook, or Instagram and we will try our best to respond as quickly as possible.

How to create a CashPipe ACCOUNT @

To create a cash tube account, just follow the simple steps described below.

  1. Logon to
  1. Click on register

When you click on the registration form will automatically display. Fill in the form correctly.


CashPipe Basic Registration Information

The basic registration information I mean the information will be required from you, while creating the account is as follows;

Yes. Full name

  1. Email address
  2. M Phone Number
  3. Alternate Phone Number
  4. Password
  5. Confirm Password


  1. Bank Account Details
  • Select the name of the bank
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Account Name
  1. Click on the Submit button to submit.

Lifters Club : Register with and get 100% of your donation.

Lifters Club : Register with and get 100% of your donation.

Lifters club is here to make your dreams come true,let’s embrace this rare and genuine opportunity. Lifters club – people helping people,friends helping friends.
Get 100% of your donation with these easy steps
* Register*
*Make a donation*
*Find a list*
*Reserve a slot*
*Make your payment*
*Join the receivers list*
*Get your 100% donation back the same day.

Its a first come first serve platform


Mega Profit :Register on and make double of your money

Mega Profit :Register on and make double of your money

The purpose of the website is to ensure that no Nigerian has to resort to stealing, prostitution or any anti-social vices to raise funds. But that each person will raise funds for business in the most legit way i.e voluntary donation.

 PACKAGES REVIEW : Login – Mega Profit, Register


Select the most suitable plan



/ cycle

  • 2 Donations
  • Available
  • Referral Commissions
  • Auto Assign




/ cycle

  • 2 Donations
  • Available
  • Referral Commissions
  • Auto Assign




/ cycle

  • 2 Donations
  • Available
  • Referral Commissions
  • Auto Assign




/ cycle

  • 2 Donations
  • Referral Commissions
  • Auto Assign
  • Unavailable

Exclusive Earners : Register on and make double of your money

Exclusive Earners : Register on and make double of your money

Upon registration, you’ll need to donate the sum of either ₦10,000, ₦20,000, ₦50,000 or ₦100,000 to a fellow participant assigned by the system.

REVIEW : Login – Exclusive Earners, Register

Your donation will be confirmed and then the system will automatically assign 2 registered people who will also pay you the amount you donated.
That’s 100% of whatever donation amount you start out with!


Mega Pay Plus: Register on and get 100% of your investment. is a mutual fund platform where members provide help to one another and get 100% of their contributions back within 5 hours(3-7 days Max)

REVIEW : Login – Mega Pay Plus, Register 






How to Give


Register and sign up with Once your account has been activated.

Login to your account and click the menu button then click on Give,

Members Can Give (Provide Help) of either 10000 minimum(bronze), or 20000(silver), or 50000(Gold) or 100000 Maximum(Diamond).

The Giver will be paired to pay a receiver after making Give request

The Giver should process the payment by Sending the money to the paired participants bank account

The Giver has only 5 hours to process his Give order and make payment.

Once The Giver has been confirmed by the receiver, Giver will get growth of 100% Instantly.

The growth shall be claimed Instantly and the giver can receive in return.

How to Receive

Recieve (Get help):

Note: Getting help is Automatic, once a giver has completed his give order and has been confirmed by either matched participant or support, he is due to Get help and will be matched in a short time
Members can click Recieve to see details of who they have been matched with(to pay the receiver)
Receiver will be matched with other participants to pay him/her.

If GH is not paid by the assigned participants within 5 hours, the order will be rematched automatically after expiry time, another participant will be assigned to reciever immediately.

Note: Any receiver who has contacted, his matched giver, and notices that the giver is not ready to pay, can click the report button Once the system finds the giver at fault, he or she will be deleted from the system completely and the receiver will be rematched