Get N1,000 Free When you register on MMM Nigeria

It has already been one year since the MMM Community brought Nigerians together to help each other and change their lives for the better.  To celebrate this first anniversary, MMM Nigeria announces a new promo.

Every person who will register in MMM in the period from November 24 up to November 30 will be awarded 1000 Mavro-Naira as a gift. No need even to provide help to receive this gift: a person just needs to sign up in the Community during this period and add his/her bank account details in the Personal Office. After a while the amount of 1000 Mavro-NGN will be automatically awarded to his/her PO account.

The purpose of the offer is to give each registered person an opportunity to get help from another MMM member instantly after registration, and make sure that MMM works and people really help each other here.

Dear members! Use this promo and invite all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, who are not MMM members yet, to join our Community!

When you invite people to join the Community, don’t forget to tell them about MMM ideology. The goal of MMM is NOT to assist anyone to get richer quickly. MMM creates a platform through which people help each other directly. And finally, with MMM people can build a society with no segregation: where all people will have equal opportunities, regardless of where they live, what their status is, and who their relatives or their friends are!

Invite people to MMM and share its ideas! Make even greater efforts to spread MMM ideology among people!

P. S. Remember that each participant can register only one account in MMM. Multiple accounts are easily detected and by the Control and Revision Office (CRO) and participants get penalized. Get more details in Recommendations on Safe Participation.

12 Things Only MMM Nigeria Participants Can Relate To

The team at MMM Nigeria office has compiled 12 Things Only MMM Participants Can Relate To. Enjoy the list below.
1.When you heard this MMM thing everyone was talking about but you did not understand. So you become disgusted whenever you heard MMM like:


Every time MMM, someone cannot hear word again.

2. When they try to explain to you how the onwers of MMM make thier money.

I am not understanding

3. When you finally heard that people are making millions from the MMM thing, you were like:


I cannot go and come and carry last.

4. When you finally signed up and offered help for the first time, you were crossing your fingers, hopeful like:


5. It’s almost 48 weeks after you’ve requested to gt help and you haven’t gotten your alert yet. So you were like hey God, don’t do me like this.


Don’t do me laik duzz. Who sent me message?

6: Now this is you to all those haters that said it wouldn’t pay:

091f716f-98b9-4386-88ff-93935fefdd16 f159b664-fbaa-4f6b-a3e8-e323c1ce0d86

7: To show everyone that you have hammered, you gotta dress like you’re living the life:


They don’t know nu’in. Giiiiiii them.

8: When somehow asks “why do you do this MMM this sef, there’s no point”. You’re like:


Can you not see?

9: When you are on bus and you overhear people discussing MMM and laughing at those who engage in it, and how gullible they are. So you overlook like:


I don’t know what y’all are talking about mahn.

10: When the person who was supposed to provide help to you upload a fake teller on your PO


11: When everyone keeps saying MMM would crash but it never does:


Can’t allow his children to suffer.

12: When you and your friends finally buy your rides from your MMM gains, so you stunt on ‘em hoes like:

whatsapp-image-2016-11-23-at-7-29-02-pm-1 whatsapp-image-2016-11-23-at-7-29-02-pm

Which of these pictures do you relate with most?

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Credit : Ugonna Eronini

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10 Reasons Why MMM Nigeria Will Never Crash

Here is a list of ten reasons why MMM cannot crash as compiled by an MMM Nigeria participant.

  1. MMM is an innovative and experimental platform where people donate money directly to each other.

2. There are no investors and no investments in MMM. Money is not invested in any asset. Money is donated to the other person. As MMM members donate money, there are no guarantees that people will be donated back. Everything depends on the members themselves: they develop the community making it sustainable and creating a permanent process of the exchange of donations.

3. MMM members are rewarded with Mavro after they donate help to other members of the Community.

4. 30% per month is not an interest rate, but an expected growth rate of Mavro. Growth rate of Mavro and its amount can be adjusted at any moment for the benefit of the community.

5. Mavro is like scores or grades in colleges. Where do grades come from? Is it possible for grades to be out of stock? Grades are taken from nowhere. Students get grades according to their performance. This is the same with Mavros. Mavro is an evaluation of the contribution made by a participant for the development of the Community.

6. MMM is a self-adjusting Community. The algorithms of matching senders and receivers and algorithms of Mavro reward constantly get adjusted and improved.

7. MMM cannot crash because it cannot pay its members. This is due to the fact that MMM is not a corporation involved in financial transactions, MMM just connects senders and receivers.

8. The main factor in the MMM Community is its members’ behaviour. The aim of MMM is not to make people rich, but to change their mindset, to encourage people to share what they have with others. Members should not treat MMM as a money making scheme.

9. MMM members can choose the time when they provide and get help. Usually members follow the principle: donate when you have spare money and ask for money when you need to buy something for your family. MMM wants to increase the velocity of money. No need to keep money: share it with others.

10. MMM wants to emphasise the importance of work and productive labour. You should work not because you get paid for that (working just for money is something like selling your soul or body). People should work consciously and deliberately for their personal and public benefit.


By leapfrogging Facebook in traffic, MMM challenges Nigeria’s mobile-first status

Nigerians have become quite familiar with the Mavrodi Mondial Movement — or MMM as it is fondly called — the new craze that took the country by storm in the last quarter of this year. Based on the 27-year old Russian Ponzi scheme, MMM has received mixed reactions from Nigerians since its introduction into the country.

With its ardent converts on one side arguing its harmless benefits and the sceptics on the other lampooning them for being conned and conning others in the process, the referral program is slowly digging roots into Nigeria.

The Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) had also sounded a warning to the legibility of the scheme, but none of it seems to have deterred the participants and beneficiaries. A few weeks back,  MMM Nigeria allegedly  donated ₦5 million to internally displaced people (IDPs) all in a probable bid to increase its legitimacy.

Last week,  MMMOffice, the official portal of the scheme in Nigeria rose to become the 5th most visited website in Nigeria.  This statistic is courtesy of popular web ranking portal Alexa. According to Alexa, rose 40,385 places through the ranks; surpassing Jumia, Nairaland and even Facebook.

SimilarWeb is another web ranking service that is as popular as Alexa  and it has also placed the MMM Portal at 6th with a 5,994 rise. The two analysis shows the dominance of MMM in the country.

These figures have put into perspective how quickly Nigerians are adopting this get-rich-quick-scheme which may be attributed to the downward spiral of the economy.  Most importantly, they help to debunk the myth that Nigeria is a mobile first country.

A survey of current MMM beneficiaries reveal a higher trend of logging into the website via a desktop computer. The youth were more disposed to smartphones with a few using their laptops, but the older beneficiaries logged in completely via the web portal.

Is Nigeria really a mobile first country?

It is estimated that 700 million people own at least one mobile device on the African continent and less than 10% have access to desktop computers, with some even claiming Africa has moved from a mobile first to a “mobile only” continent. By extension, Nigeria is also believed to be a mobile first nation, but is this really reflective of Nigeria’s status?

The data which constitutes Alexa‘s statistics is gotten from Alexa toolbars, and these toolbars can only be installed on desktop computers as there is not yet a mobile version available.

SimilarWeb on the other hand is supposed to be a fly in this oil; a sort of deviation from the premise considering that it tracks mobile and its rankings are generally considered more accurate than Alexa’s.  But for SimilarWeb, tracking desktop and mobile web traffic began in February this year, without any visible metrics for measurement, they do not matter.

According to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) there are 94 million Nigerians on the internet in 2016, 16 million actively use Facebook every month. And a 100% of this figure are mobile Facebook users too.

Surely, there are not more Nigerians subscribed to MMM as there are on Facebook (mobile). So if the MMM Nigeria portal is more visited than Facebook, we can deduce that this is via desktop web.

In Nigeria, there are not a lot of online services and businesses that are solely restricted to mobile apps. Every online portal, startup or business has a web app to compromise the mobile versions. eCommerce stores as some of the most popular destination for web surfers have apps but still maintain well optimized websites with portals.

This new statistics from Alexa and Similarweb are a call for reevaluation; may be Africa as a whole is a mobile first continent, but could the same be said of Nigeria?


Credit : TechPoint

Top MMM guilder stages lavish wedding.

mmm-wedding-3 One of MMM Nigeria promoter in Nigeria, Chuddy Anayo Ugorji walked down the aisle on Saturday, November 12, with his wife Chiamaka Goodness Okeoma. The wedding which took place at Elshadai Covenant Church, 7 social club road, Abulegba Lagos, witnessed large turnout of  well-wishers and MMM guiders and participants. Also, reports have it that, Chuddy is the man who brought MMM to Nigeria and he currently has lots of Participants registered under him. mmm-wedding-1 According to the wedding pictures, the couple did not stress themselves in picking aso-ebi for their wedding but told their guests to dress in ‘green and white’ as some of them were wearing a sash with the inscription: ‘MMM Nigeria’ Their wedding cake as well was also customized with the MMM logo and popular Nigerian music star; Kcee of FiveStar Music was there to thrill the guests. mmm-wedding-2 All na MMM money o, I pray the government will not come after you.

Go after MMM Nigeria promoters, Reps tell EFCC, CBN

The House of Representatives on Wednesday asked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and the Central Bank of Nigeria to immediately go after the promoters of the MMM Nigeria

Lawmakers strongly opposed the investment scheme, which has lately gained popularity among Nigerians in the wake of the current economic recession in the country.

The MMM promises 30 per cent return on investment for any money put into the scheme for 30 days.

The investment scheme has a Russian origin and “involves directing clients to make money available for an anonymous person with a promise of 30 per cent return within one month.”

But, members of the House described the scheme as a scam and warned Nigerians not to be carried away by the mouth-watering returns on investment that it promised.

Lawmakers warned that the trick being used by the operators was to attract as many Nigerians as possible to invest substantial amounts of money before the bubble would burst.

The House directed the EFCC, security agencies and the CBN to take urgent steps to halt the scheme before many Nigerians would become victims of the alleged scam.

It also asked its committees on Banking/Currency and Financial Crimes to investigate the activities of the MMM scheme in Nigeria “with a view to saving Nigerians participating in the scheme from financial ruin.”

The Chairman, House Committee on Telecommunications, Mr. Saheed Fijabi, had in a motion, drawn the attention of lawmakers to the growing popularity of the scheme among the citizens.

“The scheme entered the Nigerian circle in 2016, capitalising on the high level of unemployment and poverty to deceive unwary Nigerians into falling prey to the antics of the promoters,” Fijabi stated.

He said the fact that the MMM was not regulated by law or approved by the CBN as a secured business venture made Nigerians more vulnerable.

“Any Nigerian, who is participating in the MMM scheme, which is not regulated by law, is vulnerable to losing his/her investment, as there is no identifiable platform to guarantee the security of such, given the declaration by the CBN that the scheme is fraudulent,” he told the House.

The Deputy House Minority Leader, Mr. Chukwuka Onyeama, recalled that in the past, Nigerians had fallen prey to ponzi investment schemes and banks that promised huge profits.

Onyeama cited the case of the infamous ‘Umana-Umana’ wonder bank, which operated in Calabar, Cross River State, years back.

He added, “We have a responsibility to guide Nigerians before the bubble bursts. Very soon, people will begin to commit suicide or resort to this same House by writing petitions on how some investors took their money away.

“The profit margin promised by the MMM is too good to be real. What type of business gives you such return over a short period?”

The Chairman, House Committee on Federal Judiciary, Mr. Aminu Shagari, supported the motion and called on the EFCC and the CBN to urgently look into the operation of the scheme.

Another member from Adamawa State, Mr. Abdulrahman Abubakar, said, “What is the CBN waiting for? It should have invited security agencies to protect Nigerians already.”


MMM has been launched in Ghana. The speculation which started since one month ago has finally turned out to be true.  The real website name is

A similar Africa financial network site, MMM Nigeria has been in existence since one year ago and over million Nigerian participants have registered and joined the system. Many Ghanaian who have joined MMM Global are free to migrate to MMM Ghana.

MMM is a said to be  a community of ordinary people, selflessly helping each other, a kind of the global fund of mutual aids whose goal is to destroy the world’s unjust financial system.


The acronym MMM stands for Marvodi Mondial Movement. Some people lavishly called it Money Making machine.


MMM is not a bank, networking business, MLM, HYLP; so, the warning is participate with your spare money. You can lose your money!!!

How to join or register as participant for  MMM Ghana

This is for all Ghanaian

  1. simply visit
  2. click on registration
  3. fill the form properly.

How MMM make the 30% monthly interest

MMM Work in the principle of crowd funding. Most financial system like the bank, insurance companies etc use this principle. In one of my earlier article, MMM Nigeria and the ‘30% growth monthly interest; I thought about how this ‘30% month interest is generated.

More information on MMM Ghana coming soon……………

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